Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rotimi - "Jeep Music" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @missshellih

We all know him as "Dre" from Power, but who knew that "Dre" whose real name is Rotimi is out here making music and it sounds good. Rotimi's latest album, called "Jeep Music" Volume 1, is a mix of R&B with a little reggae feel. Rotimi's first song off the album is "Want More", which makes you want to sing along as well as wind your body to it. On this album Rotimi has several featured artist, like 50 Cent and TI on a track called "Nobody" that will have you thinking about who you're giving it up to. Another track called "Baecation" will have you wanting to spend time with your boo. Overall Rotimi's "Jeep Music Volume 1, is definitely something that you can groove to on the regular basis if you like R&B music and something both you and your significant other can enjoy together. So, if you're ready to hear a good mix of R&B, go out and pick up Rotimi's latest album. Who knew "Dre" was so talented??? Let us know what you think.. Peace and love!

Written by: Shellih El
Twitter: @missshellih

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Skyzoo - "Peddler Themes" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

"Peddler themes" the latest EP from Brooklyn MC Skyzoo is a mediocre effort at best. This is a hustlers tale that opens and closes with a mom explaining how she tries to but can't keep her son out of the streets. The concept of the album is definitely not a new one but I can't deny Skyzoo's wordplay skills. The production includes a lot of 90's samples none of which are really outstanding. "Let it fly" is one of best tracks on  this project. The instrumental is smooth, hook is solid and is a great match for his flow. Another stand out track is "95 Bad boy logo". The beat is lackluster but the concept along with his wordplay had me reminiscing. Skyzoo is a very skilled MC but his songwriting skills are piss poor on this project. The hooks don't capture and the tracks aren't enough to keep you listening. I feel like no creativity was put into it. On a 1 to 10 scale I give this EP a 3 off if the strength of wordplay. I hope to hear better from him in the future.

Written by: Zeno The Ruler
Twitter: @iHoodscholar

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sean Price "The 3 Lyrical Ps" feat. Prodigy & Styles P (Prod. Harry Fraud)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Listen to DELL-P - "4 da Art" [FULL ALBUM] @DELLP215

Nowadays it's rare for me to get excited about hearing a rapper from my hometown of Philly but I came across DELL-P's music while visiting the good brother's from Unify Global's barbershop. They was playing DELL's Hot new album "4 da Art". I mean song after song had me nodding my head, so I asked damn who is that, he dope as shit! I'm a huge fan of rappers who can make songs full of insightful content. DELL-P's talent is unmatched here in Philly. Listen for yourself to his album below:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Shiest City - "Kobe Brady" Vol.1 [NEW ALBUM] @Shiest_City

Boyz Records is a new label on the rise in the music business and now they present their new artist Shiest City. Coming from Brooklyn, New York which already has a huge history in hip-hop (Jay Z, Biggie, Fabolous, Lil Kim and more), Shiest is now ready to represent and build his own legacy as well not just as an artist from Brooklyn but across the world.

With plenty of content already online and already having built a following in Flatbush, Brooklyn he brings to you his latest project "Kobe Brady" Volume 1.

The project has 16 tracks full of fire and also features the hit record "Life Like This" ft. hip-hop legend Jadakiss, Dyce Payne is on the record as well.
Other smashes include "Numb", "Blue City", and "No Heart".
Check out the project below and more soon as Boyz Records and Shiest City are ready to take over.

Meek Mill - "Wins and Losses" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

 Artist: Meek Mill

Album: Wins and Losses

Label: Atlantic/MMG

Best Songs: "Wins and Losses", "Young Black America"

Rating: 3

(Rating System 1-10)


 "Wins and Losses" the latest album from Philly rapper Meek Mill is definitely a loss in my book. The lengthy LP features artists like Rick Ross, Quavo, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign and Young Thug. Even with these popular artist's contributions this album couldn't be saved. Meek is a great rapper. His flow, energy and beat selection is always on point. My issue with this album is strictly content. The title song/intro to the album is cool until you realize that the rest of the album sounds just like it. I feel as if he made the same two songs over and over again throughout this project with the exception of "What You Need" ft. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign, which is a chick song, and "Young Black America" ,which is a great social awareness track. Look, I am a fan of Meek's "Dream Chaser" mixtape series. To be honest he has mixtapes that are 2-3 times better than this album. I wasn't expecting too much versatility from Meek but a lot of these songs could have definitely been cut from the track list. You would think after all the adversity he has seen these past few years he would have gone a bit deeper and found some creative inspiration. On a 1-10 scale I give this album a 3. I hope to never hear it again.

Written By: Zeno The Ruler
Twitter: @iHoodscholar By