Saturday, November 17, 2018

AYO215 x Lil Baby - "Bother You" [NEW SINGLE]

One of the hottest artist coming up in the rap game is AYO215 coming from the city of Philadelphia. After setting the streets on fire with hot records such as "Back Up Off Me", "Hago Lo Quiera" (I Do What I Want), the newly talented rising star is back with another hit record, this time linking up with rap star Lil Baby on "Bother You".

Already picking up heavy on FM radio and numerous publications, the record is growing momentum and it's only a matter of time before it's a smash hit from AYO215. The title alone gives you a sense of what the record is about so check it out below.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Diplomats - "Sauce Boyz" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The Diplomats drop their newest single and video "Sauce Boyz" New album will be released 11/22/18

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Friday, October 26, 2018

Rapsody x J. Cole x 9th Wonder - "Sojourner" [NEW SINGLE]

Legendary producer 9th Wonder has released the first single from off his soon to be released compilation album called "Jamla Is The Squad 2". The single "Sojouner" features Rapsody and J. Cole, listen below.. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Grand Centennial x Parry P - "Bread in Ma Pocket"

Gran Centennial is one of the most highly sought new artist emerging in rap right now. Right now he has a hot new single "Bread In Ma Pocket" ft. Parry P. With amplified production and more, this record is expected to grow throughout the rest of 2018. Plus he has more bangers on the way. With the Philly hip-hop scene birthing stars such as Meek Mill, Lil Uzi, PNB Rock & more, look forward to Gran Centennial's buzz only getting bigger.

T.I. - "Dime Trap" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

We can all agree that T.I. is a hip hop legend at this point. There aren't many rap artist that have been as consistent or as solid as this guy. The thing with an artist like this is you can only compare them to themselves when analyzing their projects. I must admit I'm always eager to get music from Tip & this album was no different.
"Dime Trap", the latest album from the Southern hip hop Icon T.I., opens with words from Dave Chappelle on "Seasons" ft. Sam Hook. In this song he talks about wanting to be great and what he has done and endured to get there. As usual T.I's track selection is on point with this project. This is important because of the mood T.I. is trying to produce with the content. "Laugh at Em"  goes hard, but if you know T.I. on a Just Blaze track it's regular album procedure. It's a high energy anthem beat and T.I. delivers his usual brag filled flow we have grown to love him for. "Amazing Mr. Fuck up" ft. Victoria MonĂ©t is a song for his wife Tiny expressing his regret for his mistakes in their very public relationship. I don't particularly like this track, but it fits the mood of the message and fits in with the tracklist. I enjoy when Tip & Meek collab so "Jefe" jumped out on the track list to me & I wasn't disappointed, produced by Bangladesh the track has a Latin feel and they both perform well on it. I'm sure most Trap music fans enjoyed the early 2000's feel of "More & More" ft Jeezy & "Wraith" ft. Yo Gotti though they are probably in my least favorites on this project. I like the songs "Looking Back" and "Light Day" a lot because they both showcase a grown man's reflection on life and lessons learned. To me these types of messages are so important in music especially today when there seems to be such a disconnect between the hip hop generations. "You" ft. Teyana Taylor is on this same wave, but stands out to me a little more than the others based on the life philosophies in the verses. T.I. has been in the game a long time and even though he has spoken on many of these topics before I finally feel like he has hit OG status musically. This felt like an ol head album and with his commentary I feel like that was the goal. This album is solid and with Wayne dropping a few weeks ago feels right on time to someone who loved when they ran the South. It doesn't make it into my top 3 T.I. albums because not many tracks have the replay value I am use to, but it's definitely worth the listen. 

Written By: Zeno The Ruler

Twitter: @iHoodscholar

Monday, October 15, 2018

Kanye West Donald Trump Cold Open - SNL

Saturday Night Live created a hilarious skit based off Kanye's recent visit to White House. Watch Below!!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Quavo - "Huncho" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

Quavo "Huncho" the solo project from Migos member Quavo was the album none of us needed. A lot of talk about Quavo being "The Beyonce of the Migos" over the years, but after listening to this disaster it's clear that's not the case. Some pretty good production featured on this album despite the lack of substance or even what I would consider just good mainstream rap songs. The album opens with a choir singing on "Biggest Alley Oop" which had me feeling optimistic, but Quavo starts rapping and instantly kills it for me. To be honest the best verses on this project come from the featured artist. 21 Savage delivers the first solid verse of the album on "Pass Out". Lil Baby changes the mood on "Lose It" with his delivery on an otherwise boring  track. "Swing" a pop track with an island vibe ft.  Normani & Davido is pretty solid and a change of pace. Kid Cudi does his usual emo harmonizing on "Lost" which is meant to be a heart felt song about not getting lost in the game. As far as Quavo's solo tracks "Huncho Dreams" which is rumored to be about Nicki Minaj is very entertaining, but that's about it. Everything else pretty much sounds monotonous with the same flows and topics. This album goes from mediocre to trash off of length alone. No one needs 19 tracks from Quavo, ever. This isn't a project that I would recommend to anyone or ever listen to again myself. I am still interested in hearing what Takeoff and Offset bring to the table though.

Written By: Zeno The Ruler

Twitter: @iHoodscholar

Styles P x Dave East - "Beloved" [ALBUM REVIEW]

With two months left in 2018, I'm still amazed at how outstanding this year has been for hip hop. It feels like every other week this year we got surprised by a dope album... Styles P the best rapper out of the legendary trio the Lox is back again with another album. This time it’s a joint album with one of this Era’s most talented rappers, Dave East.. I think this is the third joint album from Styles P, I really enjoy these joint albums.. This album is 13 songs long filled with gritty bars and dope beats.. I actually was delightedly surprised how Dave East held his own with Styles P, almost sound like he would fit perfectly as the fourth member of the Lox.. All throughout the album Styles P and Dave East trade bars about drugs, violence and sex with that typical NY sound. Even tho its the same recycled content, both artists are good enough to make it sound entertaining and not boring. My only problem I have with Dave East is that he doesn't change his flow or cadence, the bars are superior tho. I'm still waiting for more growth from Dave East.. My favorite songs are "Beloved", "It's Litt", "Do You Know What Time It Is", "In The Jungle" and "Load My Gun". Overall, this album has major repeat value and you wont be disappointed. 

Friday, October 12, 2018