Saturday, July 22, 2017

JAY-Z - Bam ft. Damian Marley [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Travis M - "Meanwhile" Album [PRESS RELEASE] @TravisMjustM

About: Travis M. is a Houston-based hip hop artist comparable to Kanye West and Common, dropping his latest release, Meanwhile, July 21, 2017.

Life after college for many is a time of self-exploration. It’s the first time in their life they are facing an adult reality that’s made of where they want to be and where they have to be. Houston-based emcee Travis M explores that on his upcoming release, Meanwhile. He takes listeners on a journey through the duality of his reality like no other.
Writing songs since the fourth grade, Travis M. has always had a fascination for music and come high school knew it was time to try and make something out of his then hobby. He started getting on stages around Houston, but when it came time to head off to college he had to put things on a sort of pause for awhile, but he soon learned that he had to hit play. Going from Houston to a small town in Louisiana for school allowed him to focus on not only his education, but his craft as an artist; a poet. Travis M. built up his cred with his peers at his university and neighboring ones as well. Finally graduation came in May 2016 and with that, the real world filled with 9-5 jobs.
Meanwhile dives deep into what it means for an artist to struggle between working a life to make rent, and working towards a creative career all at the same time. Heard in singles like “Mine” and “Reality Check,” listeners can get the full picture when Meanwhile drops July 21, 2017.
Those interested in hearing more from Travis M., adding either or both singles to their playlists, reviewing Meanwhile or interviewing Travis M. can get in touch via the information provided below.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Talib Kweli x Styles P - "The Seven" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @iHoodscholar

The latest EP "The Seven" from 2 of hip hop's upper echelon Talib Kweli and Styles P showcases some of the dopest raw conscious bars I've heard in a while. Both lyrical savages in their own right and their styles mix flawlessly together while ripping up this fitting production. The first track "Poets and Gangstas" starts off with an intro explaining the idea behind the title and setting the stage for the album's concept which is highly political, truthful and needed. This beat is a bit more Talib's wave but The Ghost holds his own. Talib says in the hook "Now this that shit that you ain't know that you need" and he's 100% right. The track "Nine point five" ft. Sheek louch and Jadakiss has a more soulful feel on which they drop bars about shaking shit up from rappers to mind states. My only issue with this track, is they could have scratched Sheeks verse and gave Jada the extra bars. Next up is "In the field" which is flames from intro to outro. The beat is grimy and Talib's hook is on point. These guys lace this with black conscious bars while breaking down everything from the food industry to the government. This is probably my favorite track on the project. "Teleprompter" is another dope track. Nice melodic hook by Little Vic and solid feature from the legendary chi-town MC, Common. I really have no complaints about this EP outside of it just being an EP. It has a message and it's not only clear but conveyed with great wordplay and lyrics. I love these two and hope to hear more from them together.

Written By: Zeno The Ruler
Twitter: @iHoodscholar

Friday, July 7, 2017

Divine Suns - "All Is Well" [ALBUM REVIEW]

Artist: Divine Suns

Album: All Is Well

Label: Unsigned

Best Songs: "Reign" ft. Mae C, "Lost", "Back To The Strip", "World Gone Strange"

Rating: 7

(Rating System 1-10)

Divine Suns are a group full of lyricists and producers. They been recording together for 20 years and after listening to their new album "All Is Well" I'm mad I haven't heard their music before until now. On this album Divine Suns capture the very essence of the true hip hop sound. Their sound is a relief from the trap beats and mumble rap. Only the true hip hop heads will be able to appreciate an hip hop album like this, dope original beats and nice lyricists. The album starts out with the title track "All Is Well" which almost puts me in the mind of a earlier Wu-Tang sound, it has strong content and dope production. Best song on the album is "Reign" ft. Mae C, the production is hot and fits perfectly with the lyrics. Mae C singing on the hook makes it special, it sounds radio friendly! Another favorite song of mine is "World Gone Strange" it's hard on the production side and the bars side. Peep the lyrics:
They used to tell us lies to tear apart homes/now we catch them on smart phones/and trials are televised/but still no conviction/just like some still push dope and feel no conviction
The Divine Suns spitting some serious bars on the whole album, strong content is such a missing part of hip hop nowadays, so this album is needed for the culture. I like the song "Back To The Strip" as they give you the feel of being in a cipha on the street, made me so hype I felt like writing some bars. Overall, I like this album because of that pure hip hop sound. The lack of good sound quality is what will hold this album back from being outstanding, it needs to get mixdown and mastered again. I'm a true hip hop head so I was excited to hear great bars and dope beats. This album is definitely worth buying, click the link below to purchase.