Sunday, May 21, 2017

Most Certainly x Lil Durk - "Real Niggaz" @official_tario @lildurk [NEW HOT SINGLE]

Most Certainly drops a new project 'Foreign Thoughts 3' along with a special collab with Signed Def Jam artist OTF Lil Durk together they bring a nice soulful street anthem called "Real Niggaz" Out Now on all platforms.


Shake-A-Vel Interview

What's good Shake? 
SAV:  Whats good fam, out here working hard on music as always.

MR100: With so many talented rappers that came from Brooklyn, which Brooklyn rapper that became successful influenced you the most? 
SAV:  A few actually but BIG, RZA ,GZA, Ol Dirty, JAY Z, JAZ O, so those are just a few named as I'm a huge fan of this culture and I live it everyday.

MR100: Besides rapping do you have any other talents? 
 SAV: Yeah I cook pretty good lol and a lot of people don't realize I can get down in the kitchen.

MR100: I see you have your own record label, are looking to partner with a major distribution company or major record label? 
 SAV: Yeah I will do a distribution deal when the music is bigger than where I can take it to the labels have that power to make you a commercial success. My Drilann label is always ready to advance in business. It all about being patient and taking your time and not rushing into things. With streaming and so many things changing the business, you just have to make sure it makes sense.

MR100: Name 3 artists dead or alive you would love to do songs with.
 SAV: Drake, Nas and Migos. Those three artist I have on repeat heavy right now. I really love what the Migos are doing and Nas is just a legend.

MR100: What usually inspires you to make a song? 
SAV: Many times it is just a feeling that comes out of thin air. I can listen to some tracks too and just get in rap mode and go crazy to make the best music that I can.

MR100: Which do you like to do more, recording or performing? 
 SAV: Performing is the ultimate up close interaction with the fans going ham seeing them feel it in their soul. So making music is one thing but performing it is an art in itself.

MR100: I see you have your new project out called the "SCALE EP", which songs are your favorite on there and why? 
 SAV: SCALE is because its lyrical and action packed video crazy too and I'm glad for all the feedback the record has received, it definitely helped build my buzz and more.

MR100: Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 5 years? 
SAV: On top of the world as an artist and making a name for myself. I work hard and even with that being said, my music is dope to compete.

MR100: Thanks for Shake for allowing me to interview you! Shout Out your social media and links to buy your music. 
 SAV: You can buy the music on ITunes IG@
shakeavel  Thank you

Saturday, May 20, 2017

DJ Shadow feat. Nas - Systematic (Official Video)

Talib Kweli x Styles P. "Nine Point Five" feat. Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, NIKO IS (Official Video)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mass Appeal Top 100: Ranking 100 Kendrick Lamar Songs #KendrickLamar

Mr100 Muzik Corner's Top 5 Solo Wu-Tang Albums #WuTang

I know several people have created lists like this, but I haven't done one before. I thought to myself, how can I be such a big Wu-Tang fan and not create my own top 5. So below reveals my list in no particular order. Feel free to comment.

 In my opinion I think the GZA has the dopest lyrics out of the clan. This album is not just an top solo effect from one of the clansmen but an hip hop classic! The production is dope, dark and grimy with ill lyrics from the GZA.

 Ol' Dirty Bastard album cover is legendary just to start off with. I don't listen to this album for lyrics, I listen to be entertained by Dirty. Don't get it twisted, this album has some of the hardest and illest  beats ever out of the Wu collection.

 Raekwon released a super hip hop classic with his debut solo effect. It's so many bangers on this album that it isn't far when comparing this classic to other albums. The Purple Tape has an cult following and will forever be known as one of the greatest albums put together. Ghostface as the co-star didn't disappoint with his classic verses.

When I first heard 36th Chambers, Method Man was my favorite Wu member at the time. I couldn't wait til he released his solo album, I think he was the first member to release a solo album. Meth didn't disappoint with the songs "Bring The Pain", "All I Need" Remix ft Mary J. Blige, "Chef vs Meth", "Release Yo Delf" and "Biscuits". The production was dope as usual, I mean it's not bad having a legendary producer like the RZA providing the beats.


Tony Starks debut album is my favorite out of the Wu members. If I was placing these albums in order of which ones are the best, this would be at the second spot behind Only Built For Cuban Linx. I was so hyped off Ghostface appearance on Raekwon's album that I replayed this album over and over. How can anyone forget the song "Winter Warz" with Cappadonna memorable like 100 bar verse? Or "Motherless Child", "Black Jesus", "Poisonous Darts", "Assassination Day" thats just to name some, this is another Wu Solo Classic!

MC Eiht & DJ Premier - Represent Like This ft. WC (Official Video)