Sunday, September 25, 2011

Artist: Fess Gotchu Interview!!!!

So Wassup Fess Gotchu?

-  Doin great grinding livin life makin music tryna stay afloat and stay positive

1.Where are you from? What City are u representing?
I am from Montgomery County grew up five minutes from Philadelphia. I am currently based out of North Philadelphia Ive been in the city all over since 17 from Uptown to South Philly to North Philly....know the city like the back of my hand its not where your from its where your at and this is where im at!

2.So how did you come up with your artist name?
Well Fess used to be Profess....but I changed my name because everyone started calling me Fess for short. It turned out good that way because Fess is actually latin for Fesse which is a term in heraldry (the makin of weapons and armor) for a single stripe in the middle of a crest on a an army the crest may vary slightly from soldier to soldier but that central horizontal stripe always remains in the same place same color etc etc. basically uniting the whole army together. So in modern day terms I guess u could say its symbolic of "the name brand" "the cover to the book" etc etc and the last name Gotchu is just my catch phrase as in "I gotchu" meaning I got you 100 percent on whatever it is I may do from being on the boards to delivering the fans quality music!

3. Who are your biggest influences and why?
This is moreso a question of what then a who....because life is my biggest influence I love it and embrace it and am thankful for every second of it in all its ups and downs. It gives me alot of inspiration when I go through drives me to succeed. There is no feeling like shining in the ugly face of negativity. People who inspire me are people who arent scared to stand up speak their mind and be themselves in a world that forces us to conform and fall in line our whole lives.

4. I noticed you are a rapper, producer and you are sound engineer, how do you find time to execute tasks with each role?
Ill put it to you like this: when u love what you do and want to keep doin it you will make time to do it on the side of your responsibilities in it enough and what u need to do and what you want to do start to turn into the same thing. being a very organized person helps me out alot.....I do everything on a schedule and keep alot of to do lists....i got em all over my phone my computer and on paper lol.

5.What inspires you to keep doing what you do?
Point blank...the love I recieve from the fans and the positive the fact that I inspire others around me to do better and go bigger and take it higher....that inspires me to keep doing what Im doing because its not just about me theres a whole world of people out there and a whole bunch of artists and I want the fans to have good music from real artists and I want real artists to have a place they can come work on their music and put it out without all the smoke and mirrors red tape and pay to play bullshit. Althought I charge a fee I work for cheap gotta get in where u fit in you dig???? With all the inspiration I have I dont see myself stopping anytime soon!

6. Who are some of the artists you have worked with so far?
This list might get long fam especially because I have two resumes an artist one and an engineer one so lets just say Ive worked with alot of talented people throughout the city and world that I hold the utmost respect for their craft. I would start namin names but I dont want to forget any so Im a just say trust me Im everywhere wit it  lol 

7. How long have u been rapping?
17 years...since 13 Im 30 now....Ive been not just rapping but playin live instruments in bands and just straight musically involved for that long and all i can say is experience is the best teacher!

8. Many people may know or not know that you released an good solid soulful hip hop album called "United Nations"  produced entirely by Belgium producer Toma, how did you two hook up?
True indeed alot of people tell me United Nations 1 is an underground classic....its that first rare hard to find album that when I get done my work here gonna re surface and be a gem. Me and Toma hooked up on myspace I added him heard his beats and asked for one...he gave it to me....I smashed it the same day and sent it back to him and he said lets do an album....two years of hard work on yahoo IM me in my philly studio him in his belgian one sending files back and forth and we came with this classic soulful project. He even came to philly after it dropped to pick up hard copies and build in person. Crazy that we were able to harness enough chemistry through instant messenger to cook up a quality album before ever meeting. Music is a universal language and a driving force. On another note United Nations 2 is in the production process right now and Ill tell you straight up its crazy...any fan of the first one or of that soul sound will love it.

9. Recently you just released a solid Mixtape called "My Momma Made Me Dope", how are your fans liking the mixtape?
Fans are LOVING the mixtape and the fact that its free and high quality and has alot of different cuts on it to vibe to....and also has a bonus EP included....I try to give the fans everything I can they are the ones who make us who we are. Im about to print limited edition double discs of it soon as well as cover art t's and hoodies so hopefully this project continues to gain recognition and go down in the books as a "dope" release

10. What other projects do you have coming up?
Well as I mentioned before United Nations 2 is in the works for a SUMMER 2012 release date....I also just released a single shortly after My Momma Made Me Dope called CHOP EM WITH THE SAW......I have a new by the volume freestyle series coming out in a week called MY LIFE IN 7 MINUTES with Arizona's own DJ Milkcrate which will be crazy cuz it gives me something different to give the fans in between projects. Each volume on top of the 7 minute "flow and beat switching" freestyles has a bonus track. First volumes bonus track is called PAST TENSE PRESENT DAY FUTURE FLOW featuring THE AUTHENTIC. Gonna be a dope way to release and present music. Lets see.....Im also workin on a double disc LP with Swiss producer Juanlobo called WORLDWIDE GRIND....its got 2 discs DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL and it flows like a trip around the world....the first disc is mostly collabs around the states with mcs singers and djs....and the second disc is geared more to the overseas crowd because Ill have artists singers and dj's from over there in the of good music will love the whole thing Im gonna probably head to europe next summer and I want to release a Worldwide Grind documentary to go along with the double disc limited edition style. I have two projects cooking up with childhood friend/producer is a straight forward hip hop album...and another one is for a concept group we created called WARSAW thats on a real rock vibe.....that project is called DECKS PLUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL......the other project on rotation in my roster is an LP with producer Juice 100 Proof....yet to be titiled but Ill tell you this...its fresh as fuck and we been slow cookin it for two years makin it as perfect as perfect can be! In addtion to these projects I stay droppin verses upon request for other artists/prudcers/djs projects and of course factor in all the engineer work I do for my 30 plus clients and my resume is lookin longer than my rap sheet....which is a good thing lol 

11. Before we wrap up this interview, do you want to shout out anybody?
Just as in question 6 this answer could get quite long....everyone who deserves a shout knows who they are lets win....and of course all my fans and support are the ones who deserve the real shput cuz they allow us to keep doin what we do and make us who we are.....but yeah shout out to you Mr. 100 for givin me this interview....Im a tell the people stay tuned for alot of great things  from me you and a few dozen other people we move with that are all out here doin it up! On that note.....ONE! and oh of course u can find me on facebook/fessgotchu twitter @fessgotchu and my music sight get @ me!