Monday, September 12, 2011

Hip Hop Fans Need To Remain Fans Not Rappers!!

I have noticed in hip hop there are too many people trying to be rappers.  The fans are flooding the underground scene not as a fan going to a show but coming as a rapper with no talent and no real respect for the art of rapping.  Most people that listen to rap music think it is so easy to just pick up a mic and rap, but its far from easy.  I was one of those people who thought it was just that easy until I decided to become a rapper myself, (this was like ten years ago).  My first experience at the studio as a rapper was my last, I sounded horrible and off beat with no breath control.  The average hip hop fan fail to realize, the finished song we hear on the radio takes time and a lot of energy and thought process.  To be a talented rapper you have to have excellent memory, know how to count your bars, good breath control and entertaining.  With that being said, please fans stay a fan and stop tainting the art of rapping!!!