Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I decided to share with you all, my top 5 Alltime Female Rappers.


2.Roxanne Shante

3.Queen Latifah

4.Lauren Hill

5.LIL Kim

I know alot of people will not be satisfied with my top 5 but each of those rappers I chose had and still have a career in music or strong ties to entertainment. I also think female rappers don't receive enough attention or spotlight in the game.

McLyte changed the whole game for the female MC, her flow and voice was hard and nice enough to hang with the male MCs. No one really ever wanted to battle with her. McLyte's wordplay was witty and straight to the point. One of thee nicest to touch a mic.

Roxanne Shante style was ahead of her time, she was never scared to bark on anybody. Roxanne Shante was the first successful female solo rapper. Another beast on the mic.

Queen Latifah brought intelligence and a spirit of loving yourself for young black females in that era she came out. The Queen made anthems that excelled and propelled her career to heights no other female rapper has gone. Queen Latifah is a legend in hip hop.

Lauren Hill came on the scene by way of an audition on Showtime At The Apollo. She went onto join the legendary group The Fugees. Lauren also, showcased her acting skills in The hit movie Sister Act starring Whoopi Goldberg. Ms Lauren is not just a rapper she is an great Artist.
Lauren will go down as an legend in music not just hip hop.

LIL Kim changed the game totally with explicit sex and drug stories coming from a female rapper, from the time LIL Kim came on the scene in the mid 90's til now, you still have female rappers coming out with something they got from LIL Kim. Alot of people will say how can you add LIL Kim to your list, when she didn't write her own rhymes, I will have to say, She still changed the game with her influence and she still is able to make money til this day.