Sunday, November 6, 2011


What's good Johnny R!?

1.  So, what city are you representing?
    Hey Mr Onehundred, not much man! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview! I'm representing Philly of course, but I reside in Horsham, a suburb of Philadelphia, which is also a part of Montgomery County.

2.  Where did you get your inspiration to get into music?

    Music has always been a huge part of my life! I guess I'd have to say my boy Tim Pio, who I'm still really good friends with! Back in grade school he would always be playing the drums for assemblies and Church. Pretty much any organized event that the school had that had music in it, Tim was there playing. Seeing him play really got me into music and I really wanted to be a musician to make music for people to listen to!

3.  I see you were in a rock band and you dabbled into many genres of music! So how did you end up as a rapper?

    Haha, yeah I was in a few bands. My first one was called Lost Cause back when I was a freshman/sophomore in high school...That was like an Emo/Rock band. Then this band Makeshift which actually was my favorite one!...That was a Pop/Rock band. Then I was in this metal band called Ashes of Elysium and finally I was in this Rock/Metal band called The Re-Birth Process. In between the bands I was in the drumline, jazz band and played for Church on occasion all throughout my high school career. I don't think that I "ended up as a rapper" because I started writing little poems and songs way before I started playing drums. Actually, my first cd ever was Lil Wayne's "Tha Block Is Hot" and after hearing that I was totally intrigued with Hip Hop music! Then when the bands just kinda fell apart I pretty much just said "Fuck it! I'm going to build my own home studio, and persue something I've always wanted to do!" And here I am! Haha! I don't consider myself a rapper though, I'm an artist, an engineer, a musician, a performer...I pretty much do it all!

4.  Who are your favorite rappers?

    Hmm....I'm not going to list them all, we'll be here for a long, long time! I'll break it up real quick with the local scene and then some of the big names. Local MCs: Ryheem & CJ, Capili, Fess Gotchu, Access Immortal, Verse Essential, Medinah Starr, Knon Sense, Reece Surreal. Just a few and in no specific order! Here are some of my favorite big names: Eminem, Joe Budden, Apathy, Celph Titled, A.O.T.P., Big L, 2Pac, Biggie, Ludacris, Slaughterhouse. Just a few and again, in no specific order! Trust me though, the list goes on and on!

5.  If you had to pick, what is your best four bars from one of your songs?

    My best four bars? Hmm....actually from my new song "Red Rum" I like this one part: "So pass me the ball, but you know that I ain't passin it off/ My passion is strong and ya'll know I ain't passive at all/ I'm massive and tall with this fuckin flow I be droppin/ I be rockin cribs bitch like I was fuckin adopted/" I like the alliteration in that part, but listen to the song and you decide cause there's some good stuff in there!...Just gotta listen!

6.  Are you looking for a record deal or are you going the indie route?

    Well, right now I'm just doing me you know? I got my own recording studio (No Warning Shot Studios) I'm writing and recording my own material and I have a growing list of clients who slide thru for me to engineer for them! I mean of course getting signed to a major record label would truly be a dream come true! I just want the respect from other MCs and from the fans and I wanna make music that others can relate to and connect with. Fingers crossed though, you never know! The indie route would be fine too ya know? Any kind of exposure is great!

7.  Do you love performing live?

    I love performing live! It's great because when I was in the bands I would be sitting in the back rocking out all by myself! Now, I can get up into peoples faces and react with them and get them involved!...It's amazing! I've only performed twice though, first time was at my EP release party for my cd called the "Pen Game EP" and the second one was a couple weeks ago at a Halloween show I put together with a few other local MCs! It's amazing though homie, I love it! I have more shows in the works, performing live is the best feeling ever! Especially when people in the crowd are singing your words back! It's unbelievable!

8.  What is your definition of an MC?

    Well "MC" is short for masters of ceremony, which pretty much means being on the microphone with a DJ scratching and keeping a party amped and charged up. Ask Ludacris, haha in one of his songs he says "MC means move the crowd" I agree with both of those definitions! Keep it flowin!

9.  Well, I'm going to wrap up this interview. Thank you for letting me interview you, are there any shout outs or website links you want to provide?

    Hey Mr Onehundred, don't thank me homie! Thank you so much for interviewing me and letting me get some exposure!  Haha, just playing!...sorta! LoL! On some real shit though man, thank you so much again! Yeah I'll give a few shout outs: MrOneHundred for the interview, all the local MCs I've played shows with, rocked mics with and collaborated with. To every fan that I have, thank you! I really appreciate the love and support you guys have given me so far! Without you guys I'd be doing this for nothing! Spread the word out and keep the support coming...THANK YOU! Here are some links to my facebook, twitter and music sites! All the music that is up on every site is FREE to DOWNLOAD! So spread the word out: Facebook: (Personal Page) I also have a Musician/Band Page. Go to the search bar and just type Johnny R Muzik. HIT THE LIKE BUTTON! Follow me on twitter: Finally, here are my two music sites: & FREE DOWNLOADS!!!

Oh yeah, real quick on a little side note!...If any producers are interested in getting together and working with me, lemme know! You can send me a message on facebook! Thanks!

Thanks again everyone! Be easy, Johnny R.