Monday, January 16, 2012


1. Wassup homie!! I see you representing Chi-Town, how did come up with your artist name?
- Haa! I Really Represent Chicago As A Whole...North Side, West Side, South, East, & Even The Suburbs. Basically, The Entire Cook County Of Illinois. But To Answer The Question, If It Wasn't For Me Doing What My Older Bro Did, Which Was Switch His Real Name Backwards On Facebook, I Wouldn't Have My Rap Name. Think About That! LOL.

2. Who are your favorite hometown rappers?
- Hmm. Lupe Fiasco Is #1. He Was My Favorite Rapper In The World At One Point! Haha. Kanye West, Common, Gemstone(Whatever Happen To Him?), & Hona Costello. OH! && I Like Shawnna, She Doesn't Get The Credit She Deserves Especially As A Chicago Female Artist!

3. Explain your situation with your solo career and group status.
- I Been Basically Solo All My Life. I've Been Apart Of Plenty Of Groups Growing Up, But I Am Known For Being Solo. I'm Actually Apart Of 2 Groups & 1 Super Group, The 2 Groups I'm Apart Of Is D.A. & Surreal. D.A.(Determined Adversity) Is Made Up Of Me, Lyrik Luciano, & Kyd Splash While Surreal Is Me, Lyrik Luciano, & Hona Costello. The Super Group, #SurrealGang, Is Made Up Of Me, Lyrik Luciano, Hona Costello, Haze, Lil Jeez, & Smith. You Can Check All Of Us Out On One Huge Record We Recorded Called "Maury" On Youtube. 

4. How would you describe your rap style?
- Ahhhh! I'm Very Versitile When It Comes To My Rap Style. I'm More Of A Lyrical Emcee With A Huge Dose Of Appeal.  Lyric Wise, I Can Get Deep Like J. Cole, Show Emotion Like Drake, Crafty Like Ludacris, Clever Like Big Sean, Or Just Go Serial Killer On A Track Like Slaughterhouse. Song Wise, I Can Get Pop Like Timbaland, Hip-Hop Like Little Brother & Even Crunk Like Waka Flocka. Being A Complete Emcee Is One Thing, But To Be An All-Around Entertainer...You Must Know How To Do Everything So Nothing Will Come To You As A Surprise.

5. In this new era of hip hop, rapper's mixtapes make or break them, do you agree?
- I Agree. Hip-Hop Fans Don't Buy Albums Anymore UNLESS They Are True Fans. How Do You Gain True Fans? Release Free Music aka Mixtapes. Plus Mixtapes Aren't How They Used To Be. Mixtapes Were Meant For A Fan's Favorite Artist To Rap On Other Mainstream Artist Beats! Now...Mixtapes Sound Like Albums. So To Every Artist Out There Releasing Mixtapes & Not Putting In Album Worth Effort, Don't Quit Your Day Job! 

6. Do you have or are you working on a mixtape?
- BOTH! My Previous Mixtape, Last Train To Japan Vol. 1, Was To Me...A Huge Success Compared To My Past Releasing. The Project Was Sponsored by & Was Featured On Sites Such As Chicago Hip-Hop Blog),,,, & More.  My New Upcoming Mixtape I Am Currently Working On Is Called "New Pair Of Glasses". My Single "For The Love" Featuring Minnesota's Own, Poncho, Will Be Released Later This Month Or Early February With An Official Video Soon After! Look Out For The Mixtape Late Spring/Early Summer! 

7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  - An Established Hip-Hop Artist Making Enough Money From Music That Can Keep Me At A Stable Living, At Least That! But Since I Have A Dream & I'm Not Going To Stop For No One Until I Accomplish Just That, I Want To Be Known As One Of The Top 5 Rappers. Not All-Time, Even Though It Would Be Great To Be Placed So High By My Peers, But During My Hip-Hop Tenure! I Do Want To Do A Little Bit Of Acting...But Who Knows!

8. Do you think there is a difference between hip hop and rap?
- I Don't Think So. I Guess People Say Hip-Hop Is More Lyrical(Lupe Fiasco, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def) & Rap Is More Raw(Ludacris, Rick Ross, Twista, Waka Flocka). But Both Is An Expression Of The Artist & Both Makes A Connection To It's Fans Whether If It's Smooth & Jazzy, Or Crunk & Crazy. I Think It's The Same.

9. Are you looking to get signed to a major or indie label?
- Which Ever That Can Take My Career To The Next Level. I've Been Hustling Out Here. No Street Team, No Manager, No Nothing. All I've Had On My Team Consistently These Past 4 Years I've Been Doing Music SERIOUSLY Was Hona Costello...And Look At How Much We Have Accomplished. Just Google Our Names, You'll See. 

10. Shout out all your peeps and let people know where to find your music and what social media sites you are on.
- This Might Be Long So Bare With Me. Check Out My Website,, Follow Me On Twitter, @RamajEroc,  Shoutout To Hona Costello, Lyrik Luciano, Cali Haze, Lil Jeez, Smith, #TeamFro(OJ, Andu, JCtheFro, ChiefFro, Zazi), Kyd Splash, Karen Denise, Monster Joe, All My Peeps Of The Ujima Room, The Academy Music Group, Miss P(I See You Philly), My Producer In Crime Abrasive B Drewski(LOL), Poncho, Ms. SurrealGang - Brazil, The Bros Payday & DJ Auto, Dynamite, Rebecca London, All My Twitter & Facebook Fans & Supporters, Family, Friends(Ya'll Know Who Yall Are) And Last But Not Least...Raven Lindo! LOL. I Owed Her A Shoutout! We Outta Here Baabbbbbbbbbbyyyyyy!!!