Wednesday, January 11, 2012


1.  Hey man wassup? Your rap name is creative, what made you name yourself that name?
I'm chilling brah. I actually came up with my rap name after I realized that I couldn't really put myself in any category of rap bcuz I like to rap about so many things. I never kno what I'm goin to write when my pen touch a paper lol

 2.  I see you represent Philly, do you represent any particular section in Philly?

 I rep G-Town...I graduated high school there, but I lived in other parts as well. I really just claim Philly as a whole. I was actually born and raised in the Carolinas and moved here when I got in high school.

 3.  You have put in a lot of work in the rap game, rapping and performing since '99, who are your biggest music influences?
Growing up I was a big Big L fan. He was the greatest to me. Also a big fan of old underground music like Boot Camp Clik and Tribe. I also liked Big, Pun, Redman, Busta, Outkast, and Blackstar

 4.  You released a entertaining and solid mixtape called "College Ruled", why did choose to name that?
The name of it changed so much but one of my homies actually came up with the idea. I use a lot of double meanings in my college ruled was symbolic to my days in college and thats also the standard for LooseLeaf paper lol

 5.  After listening to your mixtape, you don't sound like the typical Philly rapper, Have anybody ever told you that?
Yeah I get that a lot. But I think that's a good thing bcuz there's other artists in Philly who are super talented but don't sound like the current music that's out of Philly. I'm trying to bring that 'sound' to the forefront so people can see that Philly is multidimensional with this music shit

 6.  As far as your music career, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Still making music, making moves, but doing things the way I want to do them. There's always room for improvement so during that time I will just continue writing and trying to get better at my craft

 7.  I read in your bio that you are looking to get into management, how will you be able to handle both jobs as an artist and manager?

It would be challenging but that's later down the road. If I'm successful with this rap shit years from now, or even if I have opportunities and fail at them, I would b open to helping another talented artist who may need some guiding or molding.

 8.  If you never get signed by an record label, would feel like you failed yourself as an artist?
Not at all. Not one bit because I do this because I love it, it just so happens that a lot of people like what I do. Lol if I didn't love it, I wouldn't even waste my time with it

9.  Are there any future projects or performances coming up in the near future?

 I'm on a upcoming mixtape by DJ ' Da Realest Emcees', also on a yet-to-be-titled DVD featuring Breezy B and Peedi Crakk featuring live cyphers so that should be dope when it drop soon. You can catch me at The Gathering the 4th Thursday of this month also.

10. Let the people out there know where to download your mixtape and where to find you on social media sites, Shoutout your peoples to. 

 You can download my mixtape College Ruled on datpiff at this link here ----> and you can find me on and on YouTube and on Facebook  at I want to give big shout outs to SmittiBoi, hit him up if you need beats, Fess, hit him up you need drops or mixes, my boy Mere who is almost on every track, Bree, Kelichia, thanks for the bio and everything you done, and MrOneHundred for the interview. Good look homie.