Wednesday, January 18, 2012


  1. Hey man, wassup? You really be on your grind man, How is the music world treating you?
              Chillin kid, working. Thanx, It's important that I grind. If I dont then my music wont be known. The music world is good so far. My first cd "Me & My Musika" really have touched many people and It feels good that every place that I have taken my music to people have enjoyed it, and I'm very thankful for that. To me that's a great start; so I can't complain. 
        2. I see you are from Panama City, Panama, was there a difficult adjustment when you moved to the U.S.?

             Yes, I was born and raised in Panama city, Panama and I left at the age of 16. It was Very difficult for me, I was not able to communicate too well because I didn't know how to speak english, and the food was different. There were more things that I struggled with at the beggining but through the years I've adapted quite well to the many cultures here in the U.S. As far as the language at this point of my life I feel very comfortable speaking it and I dont have problems socializing with people.

        3. Your music is a mix of spanish reggae and hip hop, you are bringing different audiences together, did you plan that?

               It’s all in the plan. I’ve spent a lot of time here around many people and cultures.  It has been easy to me to connect with people.  We all of something to learn from each other, you know.  And I felt like I could connect with everyone through what I enjoy doing the most, and that’s music.  I make it so that many people can relate to it.  I have gotten complements from people from all over the States, and internationally.

       4. I read in your Bio, that you had a basketball scholarship, I'm a big basketball fan, what school did you play for?

              Good to know you a ball fan, we can talk ball now. lol... Yes, I was on a scholarship through out my school years. The last school I attended was Anderson University which is a great University with a great basketball program; I learned a lot there.

       5. With basketball being your first love, did you always know you had talent in music?

             Not until one night when I was out with some friends and we were riding around the city and everybody in the car started rapping; when they ask me to go in, I started rapping in all spanish with none of my friends knowing what I was saying, but they was all bouncing to it and that moment right there told me I could do it. Worked at it and got me to the point that I can't live without it. 

       6.  Now that you reside in Philly, with the music scene being over-flooded with rappers in Philly, do you feel like you have the upper hand cause of your genre of music?
           Nah, I don't look at it like I have the upper hand because of the type of music I make. I look at it more like I have to bring my A game and really show these people that I'm passionate for what I do. And I know for a fact that everybody is not able to do that. The one that will end up with the upper hand is the one that goes harder and make the smart moves.

     7. When you first arrived in the U.S. who was the first music artist you was listening to a lot?

          Well, since i couldn't understand what was being said in the songs I pretty much listened to everybody, and when I started understanding more I decided to catch up with Biggie Smalls and a lil bit of 2pac just to learn about what was going on in the rap music before I came to the US in the year 2000. 

     8.  Name your  favorite top five artists in music?

          My top 5 is... El Rookie (Panamenian Reggae artist), Hov, Frankie Ruiz (Salsa Singer from PR), Nas, and Mary J. Blige.

     9. What projects do you have coming up? Let the music world know!!

          Right now I'm working on a double cd called "Barrio Love" which means Neighborhood Love. The first disc is gonna be Barrio with 8 songs about what's going on in the Barrio, life, and in my music, etc... And the Love disc with 8 songs as well is going to be for the chicas. This cd is gonna have some colaborations from different talented underground artists with a very unique style and different talented producers which is going to make this project. I'm very excited about this project. It's gonna be a Big project. 

    10. Its been good man, I hope nothing but the best for you man, Shout out your peeps and media sites!!

          Yeah, Thanks to you for having me. I'm definetly looking forward to doing more work with you in the future.  I want to send a special shout out to offcourse, I appreciate that my dude. I also want to send a special shout out to my Fans for being very supportive, My Familia, My Wife Lisa, My Panama people, My partners Dappolis and AT SoundZ (Higher Than 7 Records), My right hand man Robertito, Bocho, Rudy, My people in Philly, Brooklyn, Jersey,and all over the U.S., MadFilmz, Shameka Sawyer at WQHS Radio, My Latinos, Tha Reapaz, Caesar Live Soul, Big Brah and the whole RareBreed Family, Larry Larr, Jackie Bermudez, MerkEmAll, Mike DollaVision, Embacy Group Management, Bat Cave Radio, Purple Queen, My boy Will, Rich 6'10, Randi, Rell, @Droc_22, Tone, My boy Elvin holding it down in FL, Miller, Casto, My hermano Marco, Ace Anderson GSNJRadio, And everybody I bang with that I didn't mention __________<---Fill the blank with your name. 1 Love... Your Boy ULV