Saturday, February 4, 2012


 1. What's good Vixion? I see you have musical talents all through your family, how is the music making process coming along?

It's going great honestly I totally enjoy creating its a challenging process to master your ideas n bring it to life.
2. I know the music world can be crazy, how do you deal with the stress of doing what you do and continue to love it?

I don't pay attention to the politics I just focus on mastering my craft. The stress of the game can deter you from being in your natural creative element so I try not to loose sight of that.

3. You used to be a rapper spitting vicious 16's, so what made you make the transition from rapper to rocker?

Well I didn't stop rapping I just kind of took a detour in my direction to separate myself from the average artist. But my transition was based on me not feeling the direction the game was headed in.

4. As a female artist, do you feel as though you need a co-sign from a big named male artist?

No honestly I don't because I don't care what people think about me. If they co sign me I want it to be based off their musical experience with me not because I'm a first lady of some rap crew.
5. What is your current music rotation right now on your ipod or MP3?

La roux, ray la montagne, those crooked vultures, paramore, silversun pickups, Amy whine house  hip hop wise I have dosage, lupe fiasco, childish gambino, & some few others

6. Besides music, what are your other interests?

My other interest are my health & fitness I'm an avid gym goer & I've changed my eating habits drastically. One day I hope to run & complete a marathon in this lifetime. Lol oh & I can draw very well my hand skills are crazy haha

7. Are you and your management working on trying to get you on a major or indie label?

Honestly independent is the best way to go nowadays but I'm not against a major deal depending on what level I'm in my career because I'll collateral to negotiate more in my favor but for a new artist forget about it.

8. Who are your biggest music influences and why?

Honestly I don't really have any that i can say the reasons I make music but if I'd had to pick someone I would say micheal Jackson because his aura was incredible the power he had over his audience no one can duplicate.

9. How long do you plan on doing music?
Till I perish honestly. Music is in my soul it's apart of my existence.

10. It's been real Vixion Allure, I will definitely be following your career closely. Shout out your peeps!!

Thank you Jameel for reaching out for this interview. Shout out to you & Introspect Records. Also shout out to my manager Beverly brooks & G&V Management. my family Monkey Bread multimedia conglomerate, drowning fish studios.

11.  Let your fans know what up and coming projects, shows and social media sites to find you on!!!

I have two EPs I'm coming out with one hip hop/r&b & one rock/alternative. I pretty much do it all. Hit me up online I reply back to everything n follow back!