Thursday, May 24, 2012


Wassup Kidd Russell!!  I see you are from Chi-Town aka Chicago, there are a lot of very talented artists coming out of Chi-Town, who are your biggest music influences from there? 
My biggest influences from Chicago are Common, Lupe and Kanye but I grew up listening to Do or Die, Phsyco Drama, Jonny P, & Crucial Conflict. I also liked smashing pumpkins and a few other rock bands from the city. Which all have a big influence on the music I make.

So where did you get your artist name from?

My real name is Kip Russell but every time I said Kip people would think I was saying Kid so I just used that for my stage name.

The song and video "I Wish I was in Chicago" is doing well on YouTube and on iTunes, where did you get the concept from?

Basically its a super low budget video believe it or not. We just wanted to bring the beach, summertime vibe to a video. No one really has captured that before in a video before. People have been responding to it well and we are excited about it.

Are you looking to get picked up by a major record label or you want to stay independent?
Both. I want to keep being successful as an indie artist and if the right label comes by I would sign a deal. Having a labels budget makes some things easier but being able to release the music I want to put out at the time I want to put it out is also a great benefit.    

How important is it for you to give your fans what they truly want out of you?
I think its huge because that's how you keep fans in the long but you also have to create music you enjoy and evolve as an artist so there is a nice balance in there.

Do you just rap or do you have other talents?
I rap and create alternative music. Basically on a mixtape or album of mine you get a range of guitar jams like Jack Johnson, Beastie boys hip hop/rock, and big pop/rap records like Pulaski Day. That's been my formula and it's worked well so far.

Who inspires you the most to continue to do music?
Well the producers I work with right have been inspiring me. My own producer Matt Jenkins and Cisco Adler.

When will the "Pulaski Day" EP be released?
Mid summer we are still adding a few songs to it.

Will there be any features on the EP?
The only feature so far is Cisco Adler

Who is getting heavy rotation in your ipod or MP3 player right now?

MGK, Common and I'm liking a few songs off John Mayers new project...probably lost cool points for saying it lol.

Well I'm going to wrap this interview up, let your fans know about any shows, release dates and where to find you at on social media networks and shout out your peeps.

We are dropping 3 new projects this year.  The acoustic hip hop album "Hoodie Season", "Pulaski Day" EP and "Rudy Ruettiger" Mixtape

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