Thursday, August 2, 2012


What city do you represent?

-Philadelphia is the main one cause I was born there and I love my city

Who are your biggest musical influences and why?

-Tupac , Biggie, Lil kim ,DMX , Bahamadia and  Missy Elliot.  They are my biggest musical influences because they all have something that set them different from many other artist and I always thought of them as being just amazing artist who speak the truth and that are great story tellers in  a way.

In the next 5 years, where you want to be at in your music career?
-I'm in god's hands so I know he's going to take me to the right place that he think is right as far as music goes but ,  I would want to be known across the world for my music , be on tour and just live my dream. 

Are you working on a album or mixtape and when will it be released?

-I'm working on an EP called . "Finally ,It's About Time". Which should be released in mid august.

Do you want to be signed by a major record label?

-At this point I'm open to it if the deal is right

Where can your music be heard at right now?
Youtube - swagga343
bandcamp -young yasy
and on google just look up yasye r young yasy

How did you get your artist name?

Well my middle name is Yasmine and I believe that Yasmine was just the best thing about my name because me and my mom shared it and she is a big reason of why i start rapping and writing so I made my name young yasy then as I felt my music mature,  I dropped the "young" and changed it to Yasye
Let the people know where to find you at on the social media websites
twitter @_takeadoseofyas