Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kendrick Lamar- Section 8.0

I brought Kendrick Lamar's album Section 8.0 about 3 months ago,  I was told by one of my homies that the album is a classic.  When he told me that I doubted him, cause around that time I didn't really hear enough of K. Lamar.  Now I didn't doubt my homie's taste in music cause his hear for music is great.  I doubted that the album is classic cause nowadays rappers don't make solid  albums they make singles, and I blame that on the creation of iTunes, but that's another topic.  Every since I brought the album, I'm still listening, I'm astonished by K. Lamar's wordplay, flow, content and his production.  Section 8.0 is a modern day classic, even starting with the album cover.  Plus I like his grind, he didn't push for no radio play,  he grinds through the internet and posting videos on YouTube.  His vicious grind thru the internet and with the help of his idie label Top Dog Entertainment got him signed to Dr Dre's label Aftermath.  I must say I felt just as excited listening to Section 8.0 as I did when I first heard Nas's Illmatic, yes Kendrick Lamar is in my opinion this generation's Nas.  His lyrics are just as entertaining with shock value as Nas's lyrics were back then.  I'm loving hip hop again.

Checkout his video Hii Power: