Friday, December 21, 2012



 Wassup Trel, I want to first ask, how did you choose your stage name?

Whats good man, thanks for having me. I got my stage name by friends growing up,  I was pretty popular with the ladies so they just started calling me Trel Mack. I just  ran with it from that point on.

When did you first start rapping, I mean actually taking it serious enough to say I can see myself as a rapper? 

It was when I released my very first project called Mack Of The Year which was in 2007, that was like a test to myself to see if I had what it takes to please fans of music.  It got mixed reviews but great feedback for the most part, once I got the people to believe in me that's when I said I got to pursue this music to a higher level.

Some people might not know this, but you are not just a rapper, you are a co-owner of SKE Records with Q The Question.  What made ya'll want to start ya'll own label?

We figured it would be the best move , we realized early that its not always easy to breakthrough with a major label. I felt like I needed some type of platform to release my music under, so it made sense to build a little machine to get the wheels in motion. In addition, we wanted to support and build our city not just with music but with resources. Philadelphia lacks resources, there isn't much here to really put a great talent in situations where they can become noticed to the right people. That is something else we realized early and we honestly believe that we can be that new resource for our city.

I see you are from Philly,  when I first heard you back in '08 I said he sounds nothing like a Philly rapper and I liked that.  Was that done on purpose to stand out more or you just wanted your own lane?

Well I always knew that I wanted to do something different musically, I already knew that I couldn't be no gangsta rapper because I was never a gangsta. I don't even look like that type of dude so that wasn't even a option, I would have looked like a fool but to get back to answering your question I wanted to create my own lane and not clone the musical surroundings that I was in. The majority did battle rap, and wanted to make hit songs.

Who in the hip hop industry right now, you would love to do a song with and why?

I'm definitely looking forward to working with Kendrick Lamar, He is just a extraordinary talent man. We would definitely compliment each other on a record together, He is one of the people that make me want to perfect my craft to be better each and every time I write.

You have a strong Internet presence, can you let those up and coming rappers know how important it is to have a strong Internet presence? 

It is very important because that's where everyone migrates to when looking for information. It all starts with having your own website and using that as a hub to extend out the social media such as Facebook, twitter, sound cloud and all the other social networks we spend our time on. From there its all about getting people to support, like online magazines, blogs and radio shows.

When you go to the studio to record, what is your recording process like? Do you use a pen and pad or you just go off the top? 

Well since technology is so mobile my creative process really starts with the blackberry instead of pen and pad. I'm usually always typing lyrics in my blackberry when in creating. 

Your EP "Inspired For Greatness" is out and is getting a lot of buzz, what is your next move?

Just to keep pushing the E.P, and record new songs in the process. In fact I will be planning a album sometime next year once I exhaust the E.P. The project is still very new, and its so many people who didn't hear it yet.

What's your measure of success? To me man success is something I don't measure, its just something I live. Me being able to get up in the morning, take care of my kids and still having the mind and time to do music is success to me.

Who are you listening to when you a fan of hip hop?

I'm listening to a little bit of everything, I listen to Kendrick Lamar, Drake, T.I, Jay-Z, Nas just to name a few.

I want to wish nothing but much more success to you Trel Mack, let the people know where to find your music and where to find you on social networking sites.

Thanks for having me man, definitely appreciate the interview.  They can find me on twitter and Facebook