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I want to start off by saying you are by far one of the busiest men I know in the music game, you are everywhere man, so where does Q The Question get the energy from?
Q The Question is just a positive person my man but also it’s been a blessing and I’m very fortunate to be on my way to living my dream. People have to understand when you actually enjoy what you do, the energy level of yourself is going to maximized at it’s highest level.  As they say “Do a job you love and never work a day in your life”. I love waking up everyday doing what I do.

I remember reading your interviews on HiphopDx, how did you get your opportunities to write for so many big time publications?
Well I want to give Andreas Hale big thanks who was editor in chief at time I began writing for HipHopdx for giving me a opportunity to write for them. Shout out to Jake Paine at HipHopdx as well. I first started writing for back in 2005 when Adam Aziz who owned it reached out to me including me on his mailing list after reading a comment I made in a issue of XXL back then. I loved being a journalist and having the power of a journalist is crazy. You meet so many people and I just took those ties and ran with it.
Sometimes I see you on Twitter giving out free advice for these up and coming music artists, does it bother you that so many artists just aren't about their business?
Sometimes it can be but at the same time being in the business for a while you develop the mentality either they take the advice or not. For every artist that is just too ignorant to suck in the knowledge, I’m sure there are artist who love reading what I put out there. There are times when many up and coming artist would tweet me and be like thanks Q The Question for dropping knowledge on the business. I’m throwing the bones it’s just up to the hungry artist if they want to catch them or not.

Some people might think it's just all music with you, but you also interview sports athletes, models and porn stars, how did you get a chance to make those connections?
You know what crazy, it’s just the entertainment business. While there are different aspects of the business they are all connected. For example interviewing music artist the connections I have could be a case where a manager friend of mine or a popular publicist might have a friend or family member who represents NFL players and you just get connected. Like a good friend of mine DJ Dagwood does music but he has good ties to porn stars Wesley Pipes and Bethany Benz. They all interconnect in some form or fashion.

Where you see yourself in the next five years?
I definitely see Q The Question as a household name in the music business as a mogul and much more. SKE Records that me and Trel Mack run will already have a great history of albums released and it will be a foundation to go into the history of music labels like Roc-A-Fella, Cash Money, Bad Boy & No Limit. Outside that I see myself doing a lot of TV appearances, big time commercials and much more building the Q The Question brand as a whole along with SKE Records.

How do you feel about this new hip-hop? And who are feeling the most right now?
Well hip-hop is great to me right now, I’m loving Kendrick Lamar who had to grow on me. I like Dom Kennedy too man his style is so smooth. Big Sean “Detroit “ mixtape was hot and I’m happy for Meek Mill too with him being a fellow Philly native. I’m a huge fan of Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Asap Rocky and of course Lil B, don’t ask me why haha. Trel Mack as well, go check out that new EP from SKE Records “Inspired By Greatness”. J. Cole too I can’t forget him I can’t wait till he drops a new album.

I know you interview a lot of people, can you name your top 3 interviews you liked the most?
I get asked this a lot and it so hard but definitely Kat Stacks she was just so crazy and wild my man. DJ Whoo Kid too as me and him joked so much on how crazy the entertainment business is. To name just three is hard, but I’ll throw in Young Jeezy, Method Man, the freaky ass Adina Howard, The Game and more.

You ever interview someone and felt like damn, she or he is an asshole?
Hahaha,  Jim Jones could’ve been better maybe he just had a bad day which is understandable. Yet at the same time the questions I asked can piss some artists off.

With you being a big sports fan and you are from Philly, which team in Philly you see getting a championship in the near future?
Aw man, I’m not even sure. The Eagles had so many chances to win a Superbowl this past decade and it’s so frustrating as I’m such a die hard Eagles fan. It kills me that Brian Dawkins has retired with him being my favorite Eagles player ever. I honestly don’t think Mike Vick will be back either. The Sixers are my team too but as far as a title soon I don’t think so, I was not so crazy about getting Andrew Bynum but who knows, I still think the 76ers still need time to grow. The Flyers can be frustrating too and it was painful to watch them get crushed by the Devils in the playoffs earlier this year. The Phillies may have the best chance but they are getting older and injuries killed my Phillies this season. Chase Utley injury problems are tough to watch and he’s so talented. Basing it on who is closest from 1-4 I say Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, 76ers.

Who are your biggest influences?
As far as the music business, definitely P. Diddy man, the dude is just a hustler and I admire that. Master P is one of my favorites too and Birdman and Slim of Cash Money Records. As far as people that just so knowledgeable of life Deepak Chopra is the man and how to harness positive energy to get the best out of life.

Is there anybody that you didn't interview that you can’t wait to interview?
Of course, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem,  Diddy, and Brian Dawkins. Barack Obama, Ray Lewis,  Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and of course my boos Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria, Q The Question always had a thing for them Spanish mami’s, hot sexy & spicy haha!

Ok man, It's been good, I want to say I hope nothing but much more success to you and SKE, Philly needs a movement, let the people know where they can find you as far as social networks.
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