Monday, February 11, 2013


Wassup Kidd Dynamiite, how is the entertainment world treating you?  
KD: It's really good. I'm learning a lot about new surfaces and a lot about being humble.

How did you come up with your stage name?
KD: I was homeless in Florida and was already calling myself KD.  I put Kidd Dynamiite together,  because I feel I have a voice that specializes in speaking things that other people won't say. My name means "a young person with a spectacular affect."

Who are your biggest influences in music?
KD: My biggest influences are Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and believe it or not Soulja Boy. And definitely Jay-Z and French Montana.
So what will Kidd Dynamite bring to the hip hop game differently?
KD: I am bringing the fact that being yourself is cool. What you believe in and how you look at things can make you or break you.  Being humble and cocky are choice you can make that affect your future or present time. I am definitely bringing the Geminis to the spotlight, because we are talked about more than any other sign. In my music,  I will be showing them what a Gemini actually goes through and what makes us the way we are. Our love is taken for granted a lot.
Mixtapes in hip hop nowadays can make or break an artist, when your new mixtape "Faceless: The Story Of Me" drops what will we be hearing?
KD: You will hear my real story and how I really feel about what's going on as far as friends, family and more. It's just me talking about a dark past that I have an that's why my music is mainly about. No matter what, I keep a smile on my face, because God is in control.

Can you further explain your alter-ego Mr. Autopilot?
KD: Mr. Autopilot is the swagg, the confident and humble side of me.  He's the spiritual side of me that wars daily with my pride, my anger, my cockiness, my jealousy and everything else.  He does this in my music.

Will you be dropping a album after your mixtape?
KD: I will be dropping another mixtape to prepare myself for an actual album, because when I put an album out, I want to make sure I'm ready. I'm taking everything one step at a time. Believe if the opportunity came for to work on one, I'm ready. I'm just preparing myself for perfection. Timing is everything. There's certain things on my next project Tales From the Kidd Vol 1 that won't be on Faceless: The Story of Me. I'm all about perfect timing.

Are you looking to be picked up by a major label?
KD: Yea. I definitely work hard. Hard work pays off. I don't feel like anyone owes me anything. I would rather work. So, when they pick me up, they will know I'm an asset not a waste of time and money. Real Talk.

I read in your bio about you having your own company called Hood Video Entertainment, can let the us know more about your company?
KD: Hood Video Ent. is a site for brand new artists around the world to use to get notice, in my town of Albany and all over. Hood Video Ent. is for those artists, like me, who people sleep on and are never given a chance to expose their talent. My interactions with artists through Hood Video Ent. is what inspired my upcoming DVD release The Streets of Albany, which drops April 20.

How long have you been rapping?
KD:  Since I was 11.  It all started in a battle rap that I lost to a boy name Quan. I was like "forget it. I ain't good. I want to be a cop." But, after my cousin was murdered when I was 12, I promised I was going to finish his dream. When I turned 14, I turned into a messenger through gospel rap. When I was 18, I'm pretty much being myself and letting people know to accept yourself and be who you are whether you're gay or straight. Acceptance is where change starts.

What other artists are you feeling right now and would you like to collab with them?
KD: Definitely Kendrick Lamar, French Montana and Trinidad James.
Are there any shows or videos you have coming up or coming out?
KD:  You can keep up with my shows via Twitter and Tumblr. I have a video dropping soon for my song "Snapbacks and BlackTees." It was shot in Memphis, TN. You can also tune into The Story Behind Gemini Lif3 via youtube. My story tells where I am and where I've been. I want my fans connected to me during this journey.

It's been real Kidd Dynamiite,  thanks for the interview,  let the people know where they can find you on the social networks.
Twitter- @kidd dynamiite
instagram - kidd dynamiite