Sunday, February 10, 2013


Wassup S.Dub,  I see you on grind constantly providing heat, When will your fans be blessed with an album from you?

SS: I'm working on an album called "Seasons Change" for this label called King Underground out of England in conjunction with my company Marvial entertainment.  It's coming out in end of march or beginning of April if i can get the mixes in time.

The mixtape "Six Degrees of Separation" is nice with all the elements of hip hop involved, how did you get so many good producers on the mixtape?

  SS: A lot of the material for DOS I been had on stash.  I'm constantly working on music, so I just put together the joints that I thought would fit.  All the producers are good friends of mine and we trade beats for verses or songs, or i just pay them.  Simple.

What do you think about a lot of up north rappers adapting the down south sound to get radio play since the south records seem to dominant radio?

SS: I think it's bullshit and I don't support it. i think some east coast rappers lost there identity. i think rappers who are doing it from up north are fucking up their legacy.  To do one or two south beats is cool, but rapping with the fake south twang makes me sick.  All the dumb rap is winning anyway not saying that all south rap is dumb either cause there are a few that's lyrically sick, but that's how the corporations want it,  keep our people def dumb and blind, so bury them coon niggas at the gucci store. 

I must say, you always keep your sound fresh without letting your skills suffer how do you continue to do it?

SS:  I keep the passion for this alive in my soul, hip hop is my way of life, it keeps me from going crazy, its my theropy when i express my self through music.

 What new artists in hip hop are you feeling right now?

SS: I like Roc Marcy, Kendrick Lamar, Spit Gemz, Ab-Soul,  Meyhem Lauren,  Joey Bada$$, Smoke Dza,  a few new cats, then I like people like Saigon, Sha Stimuli,  Skyzoo,  Torae,  Reks, Terminology, which i dont consider new but people might just be getting up on, then the the people in my team like FT (Fuc That), Bekay, El Gant, Red Eye, Mic Handz, Skeezo, Tiye Phoenix, Apani, Mr Complex and the list goes on to the classic cats that are still doing it Sadat x,  Thirsten Howl The 3rd, Planet Asia,  Large Professor,  Lord Jamar,  Ed O.G, Bumpy Knucks, Sean Price, Rockness, Smiff n Wesson, Buck shot etc....
What advice would you give up and coming rappers about getting into the game?

SS:  Follow ya heart and don't let the money take the passion away, be original, be an artist but be a business man or woman as well,  keep ya circle small and build your own company.  
When you and Eddie B collab on a track its always fire, when will y'all project be released?

  SS:  I actually dont know when that is coming out,  it has been done for 3 years  and although its timeless, me and Harry Fraud are not seeing eye to eye because he has not released it, so I dont care anymore.  It's not stopping my movement.  I did my part. its all love with me and Eddie B.
Who were your biggest music influences?

SS: All the pioneers.  All the hip hop kings and queens that have not let the music go, even long after their height in popularity.
Do u have any up coming shows?
SS: On my way to Europe to do a small run now, and I just finished doing a east coast run here in the U.S.
How do you feel about the Internet being the biggest marketing tool for music now?
 SS: It's a gift and a curse. its beautiful cause you can reach a lot of people faster and you don't need much but computer savvy to get a buzz,  but its bullshit when everybody with protools and a camera think they can be a rapper even when they suck, but that's just my opinion.
You have did songs with so many hip hop heavyweights,  is there anybody you feel like wish you could've did a song with?

SS: I would love to do a song with Black thought from The Roots, Inspector Deck, Nas, Raekwon, GhostFace, Styles P, Beanie Sigel.

Hey man, thanks for taking the time to do this interview, let your fans know where they can find you on social networks and where to buy your albums.
SS: You can find me at , ,  all my videos new music connections to all my social networks are on my site #Salute!