Thursday, March 21, 2013


In the eyes and ears of Beyonce fans she cannot do no wrong.  I mean if someone gives their opinion about how stinky a Beyonce song is or how slutty Beyonce dresses, her mostly Black American fans get so upset.  They defend her like she is a family member or friend they known for years.  I can understand a teenager having so much admiration for Beyonce but I will never understand how so many grown ass women praise and looked up to Beyonce.  I mean damn Beyonce just got her GED and honestly when I hear her speak in interviews I can tell she just got her GED.  I am so glad my 8 yr old daughter doesn't even listen to Beyonce songs.  I rather my daughter idolize Oprah or Michele Obama.  Beyonce is a walking contradiction, in one song it's Girls Rule The World and then in another song it's Bow Down Bitches, then in the same breath it's "Oh I owe everything to Jesus".  Her latest single "Bow Down Bitches" recieved so many bad reviews that her record label decided to push back the album.  In the song Beyonce is cussing and talking this dumb ass hood shit.  Nobody will ever believe that she was ever chilling in the hood.  Beyonce got it all twisted, she thinks cause her dude Jay-Z represents that hood culture that I guess she needs to prove she is hood too.  I mean you cant be releasing songs like "Bow Down Bitch" and you just was singing at the US Presidential Inauguration, what will Barack think.   She needs to stay in her lane which is pop and R&B she has a big enough fan-base where she doesn't need to try and keep up with hood styles of the youth.  Beyonce promotes Hoeism yes that's a word I just made up, Hoeism is a lifestyle of being a hoe, dressing like a hoe and acting like a hoe.  Don't get me wrong Beyonce is a very talented singer and performer, but I just think some Black women need to stop with the worshipping and just admire the music.