Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 Mr.100: So how long have you been rapping?

Block: I've been rapping every since I was little growing up rap was big but taking it serious about 5years ago 

Mr.100:  How did you get your artist name?

Block: Growing up a lot of ppl used to call me Blockhead and it just kinda stuck so as I got older I just went by Block, but alot of females for some reason call me "Blockie" lol.

Mr.100:  Your style is similar to a B.O.B. and Flo-Rida as far as your pop style, are they your musical influences? If not who are your influences?

Block: Most def a big fan of both artist, B.O.B is a dope dope artist all across the board every genre and Flo-Rida running the pop scene getting that money. Two of my other influences are first Nelly because he came from city with no major artist before him and put on in a major way, and I'm also a big fan of Prince  in my opinion musically he is the best artist ever.

Mr.100:  Most of the time when people think of a rapper from Dallas,TX they think of a gritty hardcore rapper, did you always want to be a pop artist?

Block: I didn't always want to be a pop artist but growing up I was exposed to alot of different music because my moms was a professional ballerina. I started doing alot of street music because growing up where Im from that's all I knew I also did "Dallas boogie" music because we have a big club scene down here, but as I matured my music did also and I started to experiment more with my music and as time progressed I became the pop artist I am today and the world will get to know soon

Mr.100: What are your plans for your music career for the near future?

Block: Currently my focus is promoting and pushing my new single "Cool Like That" which is a top 40 club track. I'm also developing #TeamBlock which will be a few ppl who see the vision and are willing to put in the work to make it all come true.

Mr100: Do you only rap? Do you make beats too?

Block: I only rap but I do want to learn how to play the piano,guitar and make beats very soon.

Mr 100: What were your dreams before becoming a rapper or did you always want to rap?

Block: I always wanted to music, I love music it's all I know.

Mr 100: What female artist in the game would you want to marry if you are not already married?

Block: I'm not married at all I'm single I'm 24 marriage a come later lol. But it's two females actually Kelly Rowland and Iggy Azelia "Ebony and Ivory" hahaha

Mr 100: Do you have an album coming out soon?

Block: No not right now I am recording to build up my catalog of music, but I don't plan on dropping a mixtape or album until the buzz on "Cool Like That" builds up and after that I may still drop another single then an album.

Mr 100: Which route are you going Indie or Major?

Block: Indie or major I don't really concern myself with that part I'm just grinding. Right now I am an unsigned independent artist when your depend grow them people "labels" a come looking for you. My focus is fan base build my fan base.

Mr 100: Its been real Block, let the people out there in cyber land know where they can reach you far as social media.

Block: Its all good fam I truly appreciate you, we def going have to connect again. For all ppl looking for me on social networks I'm under "justcallmeblock" via twitter/Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/soundcloud.. And also be sure to check out my new single your new favorite song "Cool Like That"