Friday, March 15, 2013


Rappers need to stop doing reality shows!!!! I mean it exposes too much of their real personality which can hurt them image wise. I'm talking about this again cause of the little sucker ass scuffle that occurred with Joe Budden and Consequence during one of the tapings of Love and Hip Hop. They saying Consequence slapped Joe Budden in the head without him looking and then Budden's ex-whore Oh my bad ex-girl sucker punched Consequence. Cut it the fuck out. This shit is just straight bitch ass coonery at its finest. These rappers sign up to do these reality shows for the big checks which I'm not hating on them getting their paper but in turn they are getting pimped by the cable networks. But I guess these ultra sensitive drama queen men are used to getting pimped cause those major record labels been pimped Joe Budden and Consequence out. Most rappers are only as hot as their hottest song is or was so if they didn't invest their money well then they will continue to use those excuses " oh I'm about my paper" knowing they only accepting the reality show money cause those checks usually are bigger. So GET THE F.O.H.W.T.B.S.