Friday, April 12, 2013


Mr. 100: Let me first start off saying, That's wassup you are from my part of town West Philly!!! But you stay in Atlanta now and that's the best city right now to get your music career popping. I see you are a ball of talent, from playing the Violin, dance to rapping.

Mr. 100: What made you want to focus on being a rapper?
Wolfe:  Yes West Philly taking over!  Yes I live in Atlanta, I came down here for school. I attend Clark Atlanta University and I graduate May 20th! whoot whoot!.  Well my main reason of focusing on rap is because I love to perform! That’s my passion, that’s where my heart is, and I always knew as a kid I was going to be a performer, I just never knew what exactly it is I would be performing, given the fact that I can’t sing.  I’ve always been a great writer and as I gotten older and my hobby of rapping to my friends and to myself progressed, it was kind of a given that rapping was my thing too.

Mr. 100: Who do you get inspired by?
Wolfe:  God, he is my biggest inspiration, then my mom and my sister, they both are entrepreneurs and growing up watching them hustle like men, like it wasn’t nothing,  it always inspired me to be the same way.  And as far as music inspiration goes, I don’t really have just one specific person that inspires me, good music inspires me, I’m a sucker for some good music.

Mr. 100: I noticed with your songs/freestyles you do a good job of mixing up the styles, like in one song you can tell a story and in another you can be gutter. Is that done on purpose?
Wolfe:  Yessss! Thanks for actually noticing that!  but not really, I write songs depending on my mood. Certain beats have certain stories, whichever beat I choose to write to, more than likely has to match however I’m feeling at that moment. So If I feel like telling a story then that’s what I rap about, if I feel like talking about biology, same thing, etc.

Mr. 100: In hip hop right now there is a lack of estrogen in the game, do you feel like with your talent you can be the next big female rapper?
Wolfe:  That’s what I intend to be, God willing that is what is going to happen, amongst many other things. I’m not aiming to just be the next big female rapper, I plan to be compared to the guys, I have a long way to go, but I don’t for once think that’s not possible. I plan to be the next big rapper/ artist, period! No gender associated with it.

Mr. 100: Are looking to just do rap or are there any other paths you will be taking?
Wolfe:  Of course dancing will be added to it, I want to do a little acting as well, but overall I want to be some type of philanthropist for the world, build an empire for my people, and a bunch of other stuff, it’s all a little foggy now because I’m still working out the details, but rapping is just the start, I’m going to do it all!

Mr. 100: If I was to pick up your MP3/iPod which artist is in heavy rotation?
Wolfe:  That’s hard, I listen to everyone, but mostly Jay-Z, FeFe Dobson, definitely Frank Ocean, The Weekend and Miguel. I can’t narrow it down to one artist, but those five are definitely the most in rotation, especially Frank Ocean, he’s a genius.

Mr. 100: Answer with one word or the first thing that comes to your mind:
                    Trinidad James= Artistic
                     Hip Hop=  Universal


                      Philly= Home



                       Butt Implants= Stupid


                       Oprah= Boss


                        Men= Needs Improvement

                       Wolfe Leone= The greatest

Mr. 100: What are your next moves, will there be any mixtape releases, album releases, video releases or shows?

Wolfe:  I have no definite date for anything, I drop my videos as I do them, I like the element of surprise, its apart of the whole wolf attack thing, because no one really knows when a wolf will attack. But my mixtape, "Raised by Wolves", I’m currently working on. It’ll probably be dropped in a few months hopefully, I’m a perfectionist so I have to perfect what I want it to sound like, it’s a whole process, and timing is everything. So when the time is right, you’ll be the first to know J

Mr. 100: It's been real as it can be, I hope nothing but much success especially with you being from my part of town, let the people know where they can find Wolfe Leone on social media and Shout Out your peoples.
Wolfe: You can find me on twitter/Facebook/YouTube: Wolfe Leone

Instagram: Wolfe_Leone

I want to give a special shout out to my videographer/engineer/producer:

Jiggy Myers at the Omen agency, and backdraft beats.

My other bomb producer: Malcolm Toney

My Wonderful stylist’s: LatoiaMichelle and my Mom

My one stop shop/ partner in crime: Noelle

NBL, Scrapp Deleon

Philadelphia Born Leaders

And Truth be Told Management

Thanks again for the opportunity! This is my first interview, and I greatly appreciate the chance to broadcast what I have to offer!