Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Mr 100:  Wassup, I see you reppin' the city of Chicago which has a long list of talented rappers to come out of the city. Who influenced you from your city?

 Tario:  Hey wassup Mr.100 and yeah Chicago is most certainly what I'm repping, but the person who influenced me in rapping was a good friend of mines name Mike Rob it's kinda funny because it relates to Eazy-E story he wrote me a dope 16 bars and told me to go into the studio to lay it down after I did that I loved how my voice sounded.  He gave me feedback about it and told me I should keep going with it cause he really thinks people would love my voice a different voice that is.

Mr. 100: Where  do you see yourself in the next five years in this music game?

 Tario: To be honest I see myself in the music industry five years from now maybe sooner you know long as I keep up the good work I'm doing it's all about hard work with me it pays off when your dedicated nd that i am Mr.100.

Mr. 100: I was on your Reverbnation page and I was feeling the songs "Disqualified" which is a very catchy radio friendly song; "Fly" is a good solid song. What direction as far as sound will you be headed in?

 Tario: Awesome thanks bro, but there really isn't a direction I'm trying to go. I can do mainstream songs, hip hop or however the beat makes me feel rather it's a trap beat, feel good music beat, pop beat, R&B type beat it all really depends on how I feel about the beat and were it takes me.  I believe an artist should have his own feel of music and many genres instead of just one and I think that's what one of the things that's letting me stand out because I'm not just one genre, I'm many.

Mr. 100: Right now which rappers are you feeling the most and why?

Tario: I'm feeling Wiz Khalifa he's a good motivator when it come's to writing my music as well with Rukus100 (who is my role model) music is more about just rapping it's about telling your struggles, life story, things you accomplish, and things in the future your going to accomplish. Those two artists have that and that's who I'm feeling the most.

Mr. 100: Answer with one word for whatever I mention:
Nicki Minaj= Drama Queen
Barack Obama= Motivation
Chief Keef= Follower
Your Music= Unique
Reality Shows= Interesting
 Mixtapes= This Is Me

Mr. 100: Are you looking to get a major record deal? Why?

 Tario: Yes I am looking to get a major record deal, the reason why,  is I feel like the music I make everyone in the world can relate to. And having a major record deal is one of the things that can help me broadcast "Real" music around the world for people to hear. It's really not much about the money with me I just want people in the world to know that there is still  great music out there for them they just haven't be exposed to it yet.

Mr. 100: So are you quite the ladies man like you display in your photo with those women?

 Tario: To be honest Mr.100,  Bro I am quite the ladies man but as I go along on this journey the lady's haven't been really on my mind, working very hard to get where I wanna be has Don't get me wrong I love the lady's now but there's more important things to take care of then being the lady's man right now.

Mr. 100: When will you release album or did you start recording for an album yet?

 Tario: I haven't started on a album yet as of right now I'm working on my second mixtape which is called "Foreign Thoughts" which you could say is  sort of an album with it being all originals but I don't plan on recording a LP  until Foreign Thoughts is done with.
Mr. 100: I want to finish by saying, I hope nothing but much success to you, so let the people know where they can find you on social media.
Thanks bro it's totally a honor you interviewing me man nothing but love this way, but yea everyone can most certainly follow me on twitter @Official_Tario/ My FaceBook as well Which Is Tario MostCertainly Ransom/ Tumblr http://tario1.tumblr.com/ My soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/ransomontario / Reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/tarioransom?profile_view_source=profile_box /And upment.com