Sunday, June 16, 2013


MR100: What's good Chox-Mak, I see you reppin' Jacksonville now but you have lived a lot of different places, what have you learned from living at all those different places?

CHOX: I learned that every place is different and u gotta be able to adapt to your environment no matter how young or old u are.
MR100: How do you define your music and style?

CHOX: I define my music style in one word, versatile. In today's game I feel you need to be able to do everything, but I'm all about that 90's flow.
MR100: Who are your biggest musical influences?

CHOX: Right now I'd say Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Currensy, D Block and Pusha T. Old school I would say The Notorious B.I.G., Big L, A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, Rakim and Run DMC.
MR100: Do your parents now appreciate your music career?
CHOX: Yeah they support my hustle, but they don't listen to the music. My mom is really the major supporter tho, I have 2 little girls and she watches them a lot for me when I have engagements.
MR100: I noticed you had several artist name changes, what made you keep your current artist name?
CHOX: Really its what Chox-Mak stands for .Choxen Immakulent. So, I see it as a motivator to be dope at all times. With a name like that, I'm saying I'm the chosen one and my rhymes are immaculate I changed the spelling on both to say I'm a different kinda emcee. It stuck with me most people don't even call me by my government name, even people that don't listen to my music.

MR100: Do you want to be signed to a major label or stay on the indie route?

CHOX: I'm really just playing it by ear right now. But if a deal comes and if the details look right I'll probably take it.
MR100: I will mention one word or name, answer with the first thing that comes to mind by using one word:   
                                                 AMERICA= CRAZY
                                                 MUSIC= GRINDING
                                                 RICK ROSS= MAYBACH
                                                 GROUPIES= FUNNY
                                                 CHOX MAK= DOPE
MR100: In the next 5 years where you see yourself in music?

CHOX: Hopefully one of the top dogs setting my own moves up to put my younger brothers on. Basically the start of an empire.
MR100: When can your fans expect to hear an album or EP from you?

My 4 track EP just dropped called "Audio Murder" produced entirely by my dude Dr. G from the Uk.Life After Def with my brother from Glasgow, Scotland Bounty Beats coming in July and another EP  me and Dj YRS Jerzy droppin a 90's mixtape called "Cross Colours and Starter Jackets" also coming in Juy.

MR100: In the last 2 years you were on 30 mixtapes, that's very impressive, let the people know how much of a hard grinder you need to be in this music industry?
CHOX: It's very important to constantly be working it just shows that your serious and willing to try to outdo the competition. I'm a booth junkie so I'm always in the studio working on something new.
MR100: Ok Chox Mak, I'm going to wrap this interview up but let the people know where they can find you on social media. Much success to you, Peace!!

CHOX: No doubt homie I appreciate it. You can find me on Facebook Chox Chose Mak is my regular profile and just ChoxMak for my fan page. On twitter @chox_mak910.and instagram is @90sflowlives