Sunday, June 23, 2013


Kanye released his 6th studio album without no single or real promotion. The album has only 10 tracks.  Kanye started some controversy cause of the name of the album, but it got everyone talking about it enough to keep a buzz about the album, a very smart marketing move by Kanye. A lot his fans from the urban market don't feel the album cause I guess they expected to hear the same Kanye from the album before but if you truly are a fan of his, you would know Kanye pushes to be very different with each album. We will never hear a "College Dropout" Kanye again.  There is not limitations on creativity in music or art. A lot of his fans are disappointed in this album cause many say they don't like the production, but Kanye is the Prince of hip hop. Kanye challenges himself to be different. The production on this album is infused with rock, techno mixed with hip hop  beats as far as the drums. I personally like the album for it's sound. It's very entertaining and not the same as the usual sound in hip hop that almost every rapper is using. Kanye isn't the greatest lyricist but he always can keep you entertained with talking about what's really going on in his life and how he feels about it. Many compare it to his 808's album but I don't. He is clearly angry on a few of these songs like the song " New Slaves" which is my favorite. He talks about how he feel like him and most artists are slaves for these greedy corporations. I will say Kanye did dumb down his lyrics a lot but this album was not for the lyrics, this album was aimed at giving the listeners ears an organic explosion of exciting sounds. Kanye is needed for hip hop cause there is not enough rappers giving you good creativity. I'm not going to say this is Kanye's best album but the album is not trash.