Monday, July 1, 2013


MR100: Wassup Dj Yrs Jerzy? First off I would like to say, this is my first interview with a Dj, so let the people know what Yrs stand for. 

DJYRS: The YRS in DJ YRS Jerzy stands for Young Riot Squad but it can also mean Young Rich Successful. I came up with that name when i was 16 because i am a DJ I'm apart of Young Riot Squad and Jerzy is the name people gave me when i moved from Jersey to North Carolina. That name always stuck to me because it was something different also.

MR100: As a Dj, you got to have an ear for good music, what is the first thing about a rapper when you hear their music are you looking for? 

DJYRS: I'm not really looking for a specific type of sound i just like to hear good music like everyone else. If the music sounds good to me i will support it i feel like all DJ's will agree with me when i say that. Rappers just have to send me that good quality music and i will always support it.

MR100: I remember there was a time in hip hop where the Dj's ruled the game by mixtapes, parties and radio, what is the difference nowadays? 

DJYRS: There isn't a difference in my eyes we still basically control the game because with out us a lot of artists wouldn't be where they are now. We will always have control of the game because with out events, mixtapes, etc. many artists would not have a big following. There will always be that one DJ that helped break an artist into the mainstream world.

MR100: If a rapper or singer passed off to you their Mixtape or album and it's very horrible, I mean they lacked talent but they said I will pay you 5,000 to play it at your radio show, would you take the money and play it on your show? 

DJYRS: (Laughs) It depends on how bad the song is if i can work with it a little bit and it has some type of quality to it i might consider playing it. For the most part i really wouldn't even work with some one if they had bad quality music. I believe that all artists need to send me that heat.

MR100: Which artists in the game right now rappers or  singers are you feeling heavy? 

DJYRS: I'm definitely listening to Asap Rocky, Chox-Mak, Vado, Trel Mack, Rick Ross, School Boy Q, Etc. there are a couple of dope artists out right now. I like to hear artists bringing something new to the game and i feel like hip hop is changing and in a good way. Everyone is coming out here with there A game and not letting anyone get further than they are. I like to see a good competition.

MR100: Are you a Serato Dj or a record wit the needle Dj? 

DJYRS: I am more of a Virtual DJ type of person it is just easier to navigate for me. Eventually i will switch over to Serato but for mixtapes and everything else i work on Virtual DJ gets the job done. I could see my self using different equipment in the next year or so but right now I'm going to stick with what i have now.

MR100: Do you make beats? 

DJYRS: No, i don't but i am trying to learn it would definitely be my next goal i am trying to accomplish. I know that i can do whatever i put my mind to so that will be next on my list. Making beats seems like fun to me i know alot of producers that could help me out on finding my sound. For right now I'm just focused on helping to build SKE Records with Q The Question and Trel Mack and also focusing on building my artist Chox-Mak who is an Affiliate to SKE Records. 

MR100: What will be your next Mixtape series? 

DJYRS: My next series is "Talented Minds" With Q The Question the Co-Owner of SKE Records. We dropped a mixtape in January called "Jerzy's Evolution" it did crazy numbers on the Internet. "Talented Minds" is on hold right now because both me and Q The Question have been busy on all these projects we have been recently working on. But it will defiantly be a mixtape to look out for. 

MR100: Do you have any classic favorite Mixtapes that were put out by any of the Dj's you look up to? 

DJYRS: I like to listen to a couple throwback mixtapes but i don't have a specific one that i listen to day to day. There is too much dope music that you can find on mixtapes nowadays. I know mixtapes will be here for a while people love getting free music.

MR100: Well I'm going to wrap this up, let your fans know where to find you at on the social media networks. Much success to you and SKE Records! 

DJYRS: You can find me on Facebook : DJ YRS Jerzy and my Twitter is : @IAMDJYRSJERZY.