Tuesday, July 30, 2013


MR 100: What's good man? How long have you been rapping?

MB: Aw man I'm chilling, Ive been rapping for about a decade now..

MR 100: Who are your biggest musical influences?

MB: My biggest, influences would have to be,  Tupac, Biggie, and Bone Thugs n Harmony.

MR 100: What goals have set for yourself to become successful in hip hop?

MB: To become more than a rapper. Not some type of movie star but I'm thinking more along the lines of a mogul..

MR 100: Nowadays with so many people becoming rappers, what do you bring to table that's different from the other rappers? 

MB: I'm bringing the best of both worlds, one thing you'll notice in my raps. Is that I don't curse in my songs, but still the same token, I keep it 100..  You don't always have to drop a million foul words in your songs just to get your point across or to be taken serious..

MR 100: Are you looking to get signed by a major record label or stay a independent artist?

MB: Either or long as the deal is right.. but preferably a indie, cause nowadays what can be sold on a major can be sold on a indie... 

MR 100: Do you have any mixtapes or albums out or working on?

MB: I'm currently working on the 2nd installment to my first mixtape "Mapped Out"..  So "Mapped Out 2 The GPS" should be out sometime in the fall.. Then shortly afterwards i'll be dropping a ep titled "You Already Know What Iz vol 1"...

MR 100: What's is your favorite part of making music?

MB: I'd say my favorite would have to be  writing and recording..

MR 100: Name your personal top 3 rappers you love to listen to.

MB: Currently as in now I'd say Kanye, Rick Ross, and Wiz Khalifa.

MR 100: Let the people know what your rap name means and why?

MB: When you break my name down, its a acronym, Minorities Oppressed Still Struggling Blacks Uniting Real Niggas...which you get my name M.O.S.S. B.U.R.N. To sum it up all I'm saying is I'm just trying to separate the real blacks from the coons and uncle toms.. And let people know that racism, is still around contrary to the fact even though our president is black..

MR 100: It's been real man, I wish nothing but success to you, tell the people where they can find your music and where to follow you on the social media networks. 

MB: Hit me on twitter @ mazarati_moss you can find me on itunes.google play, amazon,bandcamp, just google me I appreciate it. Stay blessed and good luck ..