Monday, July 1, 2013


MR100: What's good Rich? How did you get your rap name?

RQ: I got my rap name in school yard cyphers when I was a kid.  I used to rap really fast because I was into Bone Thugs N Harmony and the FU-Schnickens, acts who were big on double-time.  The kids would call me Quick, and back them I went by "Richie Quick".  As I got older, it shortened itself to "Rich Quick".  If I had any foresight, I'd have named myself "BROKE: over a long period of time". Haha!

MR100: You are about to release your EP called "Sad Songz", how did you come up with the concept of this EP?

RQ: Well, the EP has a lot to do with both love and loss.  At the point STRESS, Chuck and I were working on the project,  I was going through a lot in my personal life.  Coming to terms with a lot of things.  The Sad Songz project was my outlet.  It's the reason for so many wonderful things in my life, but I'll never forget the somber time in which it was created.

MR100: I see you been in the hip hop game awhile, and you did songs and shows with some heavyweight Philly artists, do you feel like it's about your time to blow?

RQ: I feel that I've been around a long time in the background...and it may be finally my time to make myself known in the foreground of Philadelphia Hip-Hop.  The main problem with many Philly artists in the past ten years is that they start to believe the hype too soon and then fizzle away.  I'd rather not be one of them, so I'm just concentrating on making good music and doing shows!

MR100: What do you like doing the most as a rapper, the shows or the recording process?

RQ: I love everything about being an emcee.  It's hard for me to pick one thing that I like over the rest.  If I had to choose, it would be doing shows.  The feeling you are well received by an audience is second to none! When I'm on stage, I never want it to end.

MR100: How do you define your style?

RQ: Well, the best way to describe it, I feel, is organic.  It's what you get when you are raised in the 90's and came up the way that I did.  There are elements of all of my influences on my style, from Talib Kweli to Miilkbone.  I'm me!

MR100: With your single "Traveling Man", you show a rapper can be sensitive and talented, do you feel like more rappers should be able to make songs like this?

RQ: I think that artists will always make songs in their comfort zone.  It's comfortable and easy to glamorize a "player" lifestyle.  It's been done in rap since the beginning.   People seldom live it to actually know any different, and I don't fault them for it.  Travelin' Man is very real to me, and its something that I live.  I know the real side of it that's  not so nice and I think that comes across on the record.

MR100: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as an artist?

RQ: It's hard to say.  I change and grow every day.  Where I wanted to be five years ago isn't where I am now, but that wasn't a bad thing!  I just hope that where ever I am as an artist in five years, I am happy and continuing to give back to the world that inspires me.

MR100: Are looking to get signed by a major record label or will you stay a indie artist?

RQ: At this point I think people are doing major things independently!  We'll see what comes across my plate.  I'm not opposed to anything.

MR100: Ok Rich, I'm going to wrap this up, let your fans know where they can buy your new EP "Sad Songz" at and where they can follow you on social media, Peace and much success to you!!

RQ: You can all log-on to my website or @RichMFNQuick on any social network.  
I love the love, I love life and I love y'all!  
Thanks MR. 100!!