Wednesday, August 7, 2013


MR. 100: First off, I would like to say it's a pleasure to interview such a gifted person with so many talents. When did you decide to take your talents serious?

AM:  I believe it is safe to say that I have always had a strong passion behind my art which caused me to be very serious about it.  When I was very young, no matter what happened, I knew that my art would be a major part of my life.

MR. 100: Who inspires you as a musician and who inspires you as a actor?

AM:  Who inspires me as a musician and as an actor....such a difficult question.  I have been influenced by so many, but only inspired by a few.  Believe it or not, when I was little, I use to watch a lot of old movies and tv shows with my grand-parents.  My favorite trio (sometimes quartet) of brothers were/are the Marx Brothers.  There is a movie called "Animal Crackers" where Chico Marx has a scene not only playing the piano...but making it fun.  After seeing that film, I wanted to always play music...and have fun while doing it.  I mean to truly and authentically enjoy it; and I believe when you do that, it can't help but shine through your artistic expression!

Now when it comes to acting, I must say there was one woman who truly inspired me to try to dig deep and find my truth when portraying a character either on stage or on film, and that was Ethel Waters.  In one of her better known films "Cabin in the Sky", her portrayal of Petunia was not the "Norm" for the day.  Although her and her husband ("Lil Joe" portrayed by Eddie "Rochester" Anderson) were experiencing hard times, she did not sound like a stereo-typical, uneducated, uncouth black character often times forced upon actors/actresses by the studios during that time.  She gave a soulful, well executed, and inspiring performance, that still inspires me today.       

MR. 100: Do you write all your songs?

AM:  No, I do not.  I write a majority of them.  Every once in a while, someone will present some material to me that I cannot wait to sing or play!

MR. 100:  With you being a singer and a comedian, you can make the ladies giggle and then sing to them, do you take advantage of those skills to score with the ladies?

AM:  I would not be an entertainer worth my salt if I didn't, and my girlfriend would knock the salt out of me if did!

MR. 100: When you were younger did you see yourself as a singer later on in your life?

AM: When I was younger, I saw myself as an entertainer.  Having many loves in the industry made it difficult to just buckle down on one, but you must focus on something in order to open the door for you so that you can display the other talents you've been blessed with. 

MR. 100: How did you come up with the title to your album "Leo Rising"?
AM: The title "Leo Rising" came from my fascination of seeing the strength a lion possessed by simply rising from a relaxing state.    If you ever want to see what happens when a lion stands up, look at the animals and people surrounding him when he does...everyone takes notice!  


MR. 100: I remember when the Neo-Soul movement started in music, I'm a big fan of that sound, do you feel like Neo-Soul has kind of faded out?  I mean it's not heavy promoted on a commercial level anymore.

AM:  I believe Neo-Soul, although not as heavily promoted as it once was, is stronger than ever in the live music scene, especially at the regional level.  It is not my thought that it has faded out, I actually think that it is more commonly heard in live settings now, than ever before.




MR. 100: With you being a artist that plays instruments, sings, act and do comedy it's really sky's the limit for you, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

AM:  In 5 years, I plan to be actively using all of my talents, and having an inspirational influence that spans passed the US.

MR. 100: Which artist would you love to do a song with?

AM: I would love to do a song with Inda Ari and Michael Buble. 

MR. 100: Do many people compare you to Anthony Hamilton? When I first heard your music, I said to myself he sounds a little like him.
 AM:  I get that a lot, also John Legend.  My mother once told me I was her little John Legend, and I responded, "No...I am your little Aaron Myers!", but I am a huge John Legend fan! 

MR. 100: I'm going to wrap this interview up, it was a pleasure to interview such a talented artist, much success to you, let the people know where to find you on social media and where to purchase your album.

AM: You can find me at: / / - and you can purchace "Leo Rising" through iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Amazon, ReverbNation & CDBaby.  Thanks for the opportunity to share my story with others!