Tuesday, January 7, 2014


MR 100: I would like to start to interview off by first saying, I'm excited to interview another artist from my part of town West Philly, that's wassup!

MR 100: When did you decide to want to be a rapper and to take it serious?

T : When "I Got Soul" dropped and its been a year since I knew I had to take it to another level. 

MR 100: Where did you get your stage name from and Why did you choose it?

T :  It's similar to my legal name and I make it my business to legalize shit.

MR 100: I see you are apart of a group called Skale Boyz, how many members are in the group?

T : It's 4 of us.

MR 100: Do you have any mixtapes or albums dropping soon?

T : Yes Skale Boyz presents "Da Golden Era of da Hustla" May 2013 .

MR 100: Besides rapping, do you have any other talents?

T : Yes I'm a barber, drawing artist and writer.

MR 100: Who are your biggest musical influences?

T : Cool G Rap, Slick Rick and Jay-Z.

MR 100: What is more important to you, dope lyrics or just a dope beat and average lyrics?

T : Dope lyrics anything less isn't original.

MR 100: Where do see yourself at in the music world in the next 5 years?

T : A recognizable voice.

MR 100: Since we both are born and raised in Philly, name your top 3 all time Philly rappers

T : Will Smith(he paved the way), E.S.T. (from the group Three Times Dope) and Meek Mill.

MR 100: Well I'm going to wrap up this interview, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and your movement, much success to you.  Shoutout your peoples and let the people know where they can find you on all the social media networks and where to find your music.

T : Just a shout out to Kamaflaj, CMad, Crep, Izm and Da Wizard also Henny Black. You can find me on Instagram   @da_real_skaleboyz_215. My intro music is on soundcloud.com/skaleboyz

Thanks for taking the time out to interview me. Much continued success to you homie!! West Philly Stand Up!!!