Monday, January 13, 2014


MR 100: When did you first start singing and take it serious?

VE: I’ve always sung. But its just been in the past year that I’ve actually put myself into the world and released my original work. So far so good.

MR 100: Who are your biggest musical influences?
VE: They change and vary all the time. Right now I’m vibin to FKA Twigs, Banks, Kaytranada, JMSN. My taste changes all the time, I don’t really follow genre, or any particular artist, I just like what sounds good to me. 
MR 100: Are looking to get signed by a major record label or do you want to stay independent?

VE: It really just depends on what happens. I’m focusing on the music right now, not on anything else. The offers have been coming in, we are weighing out our options. 

MR 100: Who do you have the biggest crush on in the entertainment industry?

VE: Drake, he's my music husband. 

MR 100: With the release of your hot EP "Don't Go", how is the response you are receiving from it? And which song is your favorite?

VE: The response has been insane. Bloggers from all around the world have given it really positive reviews. My favourite song at the moment would have to be “Waiting” but it changes all the time.

MR 100: I noticed in your bio you also write for other singers, are there any well known singers you are writing for? And did you write all your songs on the EP?

VE: I’m currently writing for other artists, none that I can say quite yet...but all very exciting. I co-wrote Cviro's (@cvirolyf) EP "Elevation". I also wrote every track on my EP and intend to do the same on the next one.

MR 100: Which artist would you love to do a song with?

VE: I’d love to collaborate with some of the boys from Soulection. Their production team is absolutely insane. Crazy talented guys, I think we’d make magic together.

MR 100: Besides singing, what other talents do you have?

VE: Uhhhh, I’m really good at games! Hahaha I kick ass at pretty much any game I play, from Tekken to basketball at the arcade.

MR 100: Do you have any shows and other music projects coming up soon?

VE: Yes, I’m currently working on an new EP! There is no date for release yet, but there will be new music soon!

MR 100: Ok it's been real Vanessa, I foresee a bright future for you in the music industry, much success to you, let your fans know where they can find your music and find you on social media.

VE: Thank you for some great questions. Hope u all enjoy the music
Instagram: @vanessaelisha