Sunday, May 25, 2014


MR 100: Wassup Chill Moody, its good to get to interview a fellow West Philadelphian, your grind is impeccable, when did you decide to take rapping serious? 

CM: It was after I graduated college I decided to make rap my profession. I always took it serious, but being away at school it was more of a hobby because finishing school was my main focus. So once I graduated, I told my parents I wanted to take at least a year and follow my passion, the rest is history.

MR 100: Who were your biggest music influences?

CM: My family has been my biggest influence in music. My cousins put me on to Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, Snoop, all the greats, at a young age. I fell in love with the music and more importantly the culture, and always just wanted to be apart of it. Today I pull a lot of influence from 50 Cent, and Diddy just because of the way they moved in the industry and were able to create other avenues to make money off of hip hop. 

MR 100: I think its dope to hear a rapper like you from Philly but don't have the typical Philly gangster rapper content. Its always good to be different and original, was that your aim, to make sure you are as original as you can be?

CM: It's not like a conscious decision to rap the way I do, it's really who I am so I just tell my story. Regardless of content, the "typical Philly rapper" is someone who has bars, in my opinion. 

MR 100: I see you understand the business side of the music industry as far as artists needing to brand themselves, cause you have the "nicethings" logo with t-shirts, etc. What exactly is your brand about?

CM: Nicethings is just about accepting whatever you have. Whether you are in a penthouse condo, or you are working in the lobby, appreciate what you have as nicethings. I've been able to take that brand from just a motto, to the logo, to a clothing line, and now a management/entertainment company, a consultant firm, I even have my own water coming out.

MR 100: Are you looking for a major record deal?

CM: I've been taking meetings. 

MR 100: Which do you prefer more, the recording process or performing on stage?

CM: Performing on stage because that's when I get to see peoples reaction to what I took so long to create. 

MR 100: Name a artist you will love to do a song with?

CM: Janelle Monae

MR 100: Are you planning to release a album or EP soon ?

CM: I'm working on about 4 different projects right now, just recording a bunch of music and seeing where it lands. Probably will just be releasing some big singles for the rest of this year, but you never know. I have two jawns out now "Concrete Jungle" featuring Mack Wilds and "Godzilla" featuring Mike Zombie, both have been getting a lot of love. 

MR 100: You as a fan, when listening to music, do you tune in to the lyrics or just tune out the lyrics and just zone out to the song's beat?

CM: I listen to the lyrics more, sometimes to a fault. I'm all about lyrics though. 

MR 100: Since you are from Philly, Name your Top 3 All-time Philly Rappers.

CM: Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Eve

MR 100: Whats more important to you when writing a song, having ill metaphors or content wit a message?

CM: You have to have both. You have to sometime find a way to hide the message in an ill metaphor, that's the best way to do it.

MR 100: I'm going to wrap this up Chill, I want to see you win and do even bigger things for the city nothing but success to you man. Shout Out all your peoples and let all your fans know where to find you on social media networks if they don't know already.

CM: You can follow me on everything @ChillMoody. Facebook/Twitter/IG/fractograf and also check me out on . Thanks again fam.