Saturday, June 7, 2014


MR 100: Hey what's good Sindian?  Where did you get your artist name from and what does it mean to you?

SINDIAN: Everything is All in All... My artist name is Sindian and that incorporates a lot of my alter egos such as: Nympho Raspy, Optimus Dime etc. as well as my influences. It's the Godhead of my artistry. My former name was Righteous Da Goddess and that name had me boxed into a certain category. So I went with a more mysterious name. I am a very diverse artist so Sindian gives me the freedom to go anywhere with my music. As well for my fans, I encourage my fans to define me individually since everyone has a different perception and perspective. 

MR 100: Who are your musical influences?

SINDIAN: My music influences are jazz, blues, dub, punk, rock etc. just music period as well as wide scope of art.  As far as artist influence my favorite n main influence is Nas. Also Jean Grae, Sade, Wu-Tang, Mc Lyte, Slick rick, Mf Doom, J.Dilla, 9th Wonder, Sun Ra and that list goes on and on.

MR 100: How do you feel about the recent rise of some the most talented female rappers out now including yourself? Because for awhile there was a huge void in hip hop for female artists.

SINDIAN: I'm loving it, i definitely see the balance returning in Hip Hop. There's a wide range of females and we all bring something different to table. Next up will be a all female tour. I'm currently trying to organize that. I think the turn out will be amazing. We need to put our differences aside n work together as it use to be in Hip Hop.

MR 100: Can you describe your style?      

SINDIAN: My style is very unique. It's like a new heaven. Very tasteful, seductive, street smart, witty, lyrical and wise. It's a whole blend of things. I have no boundaries or cliches. I always bring something new. I'm very free spirited and looking to further my intellect when it comes to my Art.

MR 100: What's your writing process like?

SINDIAN: Currently i don't write as much as I use to. I tend to start a song writing a few bars then get tired of writing so I will freestyle the rest. After writing for so many years it comes easy to me now. I do write poetry and R&B however. When i do write I edit a lot though, and try not to use as many words in a bar. Its a technique I recently picked up on. Patterning my bars, it helps me flip words easier and come into the next bar with ease.

MR 100: I read that you also do spoken word poetry, do you plan on releasing a spoken word album?

SINDIAN: That is something I do want to do in the near future.. it will be like a freestyle album set up in different environments so you can get the feel of where I at. Sindian on the Fly. So be on the lookout for that!

MR 100: Where do you see yourself as a rapper in the next five years?

SINDIAN: I see myself more behind the scenes as i just started doing production. So I want to be more of mentor and get into the artist development field. As well as continue on my art and releasing projects. I want to get into acting and have my clothing line doing well. So basically in five years I see myself doing many things.

MR 100: When will your album be released?

SINDIAN: There is currently no release dates. But My solo album In the Sin is done. Also I'm wrapping up the God album featuring myself and my label mate AA Rashid. Im working on a self produced album currently untitled. we got songs for days so expect alot music to be coming out in the near future.

MR 100: Which artist would you love to do a song with?

SINDIAN: Sade, Nas, SZA, MIA, Ab-Soul, Mf Doom just to name a few

MR 100: Sindian, I wish nothing but continued success to you, shout out your peoples!