Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nas - Time Is Illmatic Documentary and Show Performance Review

So I was blessed to have the opportunity to be apart of hip-hop history to see my all-time favorite rapper Nas "Time Is Illmatic" documentary, a film by One9 and Erik Parker.  Afterwards Nas blessed his fans by performing the 9 classic songs off his debut legendary album "Illmatic" along with several other of his hit songs off other albums. I thought it was interesting choice of where the show was held which was at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pa just outside of Philadelphia, Pa.  When we were escorted to our seats, I noticed how small the venue was.  It didn't have no balcony, the seats were small and too close to each other.  It felt like were sitting on top of each other.  I figured Nas wanted to create that intimate grimy setting to go along with the documentary.  The documentary covered everything from how the largest housing project in America, Queensbridge Housing  was created to Nas and his brother Jungle up bringing. Seeing the documentary right before Nas performed "Illmatic" created the ultimate set up for a great performance. I like how the documentary shows the gritty side of Nas life and the successful Nas and it showed growth, dedication, pain and inspiration.  It's truly amazing how an album created 20 years ago by a young Nas can still captivate hip-hop fans worldwide.  Me personally I still listen to "Illmatic" like it just came out last week and I'm back in my room as a teenager blasting the album over and over while playing Sega.  I also noticed the abundance of female fans there rapping Nas lyrics word for word.  That really tripped me out!! Overall, it was good feeling to be apart of hip-hop history, Nas gave a great performance as usual, every time I see him perform I feel good to know that I came up in the era of hip-hop that produced the greatest MC.