Tuesday, September 27, 2016

pineappleCiti Interview

MR100: Wassup Citi, its a pleasure to get the chance to interview you. First, let me tell your song "Rose Colored" off your hot EP Spilled Pineapples is a certified banger!
C: I appreciate that man I appreciate the opportunity.

MR100: So where did you get your stage name from?
C:Well I'm originally from Newark, NJ (Brick City). I started rapping when I was 7 years old. My name is Brittany so my dad started calling me Britt Citi .. over the years the name changed but Citi remained. I wanted to make a marketing statement with the pineapples. It represents my personality, my hair, my whole vibe. So pineappleCITI just seemed like the way to go lol . I'm always pulling off name changes haha

MR100: I see you rep New Jersey, what part of Jersey are you from?
C:originally from Newark and I grew up in Union. But now you can catch me all over

MR100: Name your top 5 favorite Jersey rappers.
  • Fourtee
  • Dougie F
  • Tsu Surf
  • Fuzz Rico
  • Robbie Maxx

MR100: With the release of your new EP, you suffered a setback with you being in a serious car accident. Thank God you survived, but you ended up with a broken ankle in 3 places which I know severely hurts and is hindering you from promoting your album. What do you plan on doing to not slow up the buzz of your flaming hot EP?
C: Just trying to stay focused on the ultimate goal. I put Kanye's broken jaw as my screen saver to just remind me that anything is possible. I really feel like this is my Kanye "Through the Wire" moment and nothing is tearing me away from that thought. I'm also working on a video for my song Pepsi featuring Dougie F which I know is going to go crazy. I don't care I'm going to do it in a wheelchair and make a statement. I'm built for this

MR100: Which do you like to do more, record or perform?
C: I love performing I love the energy from the crowd. That's my favorite thing in the world. 2nd up is hearing my song for the first time after I leave the studio. Both of those moments always make me feel like I'm doing the right thing 

MR100: Where do you see your career at in the next 5 years?
C: I see myself on top of the game. I really know I'm a legend in the making. And once my second album drops, my third, my fourth .. I know I will solidify my footprint on the game. 

MR100: What's your opinion on why it seems as if hip hop doesn't give female rappers enough spotlight, it's like all hear about is Nicki Minaj until you do your research and find out there are plenty of dope female rappers out?
C: Hip hop is over-sexualized. There are a lot of talented Female Rappers out there. But we get out shined by the ones with big asses and tits. And that's not to say I don't love that myself lol, because in fact I believe women are Gods gift to me lol. Nicki is dope. But lyricism and content aren't at the forefront of hip hop anymore; whether it's male or female. It's all about hooks and beats. Young Ma out here doing her thing though. Much respect to sis

MR100: Dead or alive, which artist would you want to do a song with?
C: Kanye first, Tupac & Kendrick closely follow up 

MR100: Are you looking to get signed by a major or do you want to remain on a indie level?
C: I feel like major labels take everything from you including your right to your own creative process. Unless I'm getting a deal like Master P I don't think I want anything to do with a label.

MR100: How did you meet the dope producer Fre$h who produced your new EP?
C: Ironically my best friend and favorite rapper Fourtee was working on some tracks with him. I just quit my job and I was ready to focus on music. I stopped by his boy's apartment in Queensbridge. Heard some work and We vibed! For the next two weeks I drove to Queens almost everyday working on the album. The rest is history. He's going to be a legend one day

MR100: It's been real Citi, I look forward to following your career and I'm you wishing nothing but success, thank you for the interview.
C: Bless up! I appreciate the continued support. Will remember forever

 Make sure y'all go buy or stream pineappleCiti album "Spilled Pineapples"