Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Prin$e Alexander Interview

What's good and what's new Prin$e Alexander?
-       Lifes good I cannot complain about much.  I’ve been quiet for about a year and a half now, working on my craft and building my business. The catalog of unreleased music I have has placed me in an advantageous position for the next few years. I’m truly excited for everything to unfold.
Who are your biggest musical influences?
-       Lil Wayne and Tupac are the reason I took a chance with music.  I pride myself on two things, work ethic and passion.  What I took from them is that there may be better “rappers”, in the industry however dedication and realness will always win over “cool” bars. Personally, it doesn’t matter how good somebody is as an artist talent wise, although it plays a huge part, it’s their character that reveals their true spirit.  That’s why I prefer listening to Gucci Mane over Logic, because I can feel the music rather than appreciating dope lyricism.  MC’S come & go but as Meek Mill said there is truly “levels to this shit”.  At the end of the day I look up to bosses rather than musical acts.
Will you be releasing an album/EP/mixtape any time soon?
-       Absolutely. Currently I’m sitting on 3 projects that are all ready to be released but timing is everything. Until I have enough fans to release music randomly and be able to guarantee 50k to 100k streams, nothing will be done without a marketing strategy. That’s how the game works and most artists don’t get that.  Right now I plan on releasing a few more singles and visuals to finish out the 4th quarter of 2016 but early of 2017 I will be dropping a project called “P.A. From P.A.”.
Are you looking to get signed by a major or remain indie?
-       I can’t tell you exactly what I’m looking for. I would definitely like to have everything as my own but I can’t act like I haven’t had dreams of being signed to GOOD MUSIC or Rocnation.  Luckily I have a lot of people in my camp who’ve been through this process before with artists in the past.  Both have their pros and cons but at the end of the day I’m going to do what’s best for my family. 
Do you have any other talents besides rapping?
-       Well I still work a 9-5 at Verizon Wireless.  I’m a sales manager so my talent would definitely be being able to adapt in any situation and teach my employees how to pitch properly.  I plan on opening my own store eventually since it’s a business I already know.  Other than that, im your stereotypical American in his 20’s who enjoys sports, women, & drinking gin. Im pretty good at doing all of them HA!
Where do you see yourself in your music career in the next 5 years?
-       I see myself as a house hold name for MUSIC not just rap.  Hopefully inspiring other artists who walked a similar path to do it better than I did… or at least try.  I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t trying to be the BEST RAPPER ALIVE for a very long time.  I want to make my dreams a reality more than life itself.
What's your opinion on how music isn't selling as much as it used to?
-       This maybe a cliché answer but its obviously because the game has changed.  I believe artists need to build their own hype and buzz without a label before the machine can get behind them.  Another reason why music isn’t selling is because we live in a society that lacks patience.  We want faster cars, faster internet, faster cell phones and a faster way to listen to our favorite artists.  That’s why people stream music more than anything these days.  I see it as evolution, if I can have 500,000 streams of my album in the first week and make my money through tours, I’d be more than satisfied.  I still buy albums of my favorite artists such as Drake, Ty Dolla Sign, and J Cole.

How would you explain your style?
-       I try to approach every single record with a different mindset and create new melodies in part.  It’s very difficult to explain my style because I have so many different facets when it comes to creating this art.  Although I am from the East Coast, I actually found myself inspired more by southern artists.  My sound is a mix between the simplicity and catchiness of the Souths hooks blended with the lyricism and aggressiveness of Philadelphia. I also do sing as well, so there is a touch of the cerebral sounds that Toronto is breeding with artists.  Its funny because sometimes when people hear my music they ask, “Whos singing the hook”, and I reply with “That’s me”.  It’s fulfilling to blow people’s minds away.
Is it important for you to make sure you have dope bars?
-       Yes, and no.  Personally I pride myself in having great word play and lyricism however some of my favorite artists are not viewed as MC’s but rather song writers.  Coming from the east coast I always had a 16 in the tuck whenever someone asks me to spit them something but I can’t hate on an artist who makes great music but lacks “bars”.  Everyone is different and society needs to accept that.  Times have changed but one thing I will never do is disrespect the MC’s who paved the way for me to be able to be here so I’m always ready to impress.  I’m just a student of the game and appreciative of the opportunity’s the most high has blessed me with. 
Prin$e Alexander thanks for the interview, I hope nothing but success for you.