Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Checkout My Interview w/ Q The Question Philly's New Up and Coming Young Music Mogul

MR100: Hey what's good Q? I see you doing your mogul thing big, you have your artists, clients and brand all over the net.

QTQ: Yessir when you grind you shine, I can't even lie, Paypal has been like word of the month every month, lately I love that word Paypal because business has been insane. But in all honesty and jokes aside this was built from the ground up. SKE Records my label with Trel Mack we on a move now and our artist Shawn Archer, Petter Jones are moving too. The clients I represent for my company Q The Question Promotions LLC, I go hard and get them the best publicity and FM radio promotion they need.

MR100:  Your artist and co-partner Trel Mack released his outstanding EP "Night Before the Dawn" earlier this year and now I see you going hard for your artist Shawn Archer, what's the plan for him and what's next for SKE Records?

QTQ:  Yeah Shawn Archer he is doing great right now, his interview request been insane. Swag & 808's EP is out now on Itunes, Amazon. That was the plan for 2016 that after Trel Mack dropped "Night Before the Dawn" we would put the SKE Records machine behind Shawn Archer to follow up. He has some hot videos out too with "Dope" and "The Conclusion". Him and Trel Mack will be on Philly Fame TV next.

MR100:  I think the promo services you provide for artists is excellent, can you let the people know more about your promo company?

QTQ:  Yes Q The Question Promotions, I basically do publicity and FM radio promotion. Many artist are soooo talented but lack the business knowledge to further their careers. Getting them to understand the importance of marketing, advertising, publicity, the key promo components that's important to get an artist moving. I work with clients on a weekly basis and they are all satisfied with my service and what I provide.

MR100: So what made you get into writing books?

QTQ:  I just love to share knowledge, seriously knowledge is really is power, reading is fundamental. Your life is a reflection of what you put into your head. If you can take time to watch crap you can indeed spend an hour reading some knowledge. I have two books out right now. The Secret to Speaking Spanish Fluently in Less than a Year now on Now my latest release is on Barnes and Noble, it online. "How to Make It in the Music Industry: A Guide to Success as an Upstart Company". Go grab both those and shout to all who have purchased either one or both. Knowledge is power.

MR100:  I know you love the spanish women, will we see a latina SKE artist?

QTQ:  Yes they sure love Q The Question and Q The Question loves them lol, Q talks they talk lol. Yeah we have SKE Latin now and now we have our new artist Leesandro, he has fire with hot records such as Basilando and Se Menea. We about to get him moving and more acts soon. He smooth, nice voice and he works hard. Shout Jose Martinez for presenting me to him. But outside artist I represent a hot Dominican model name Neny Barbie, she been on a roll once she became a client of mine as well.

MR100:  What do you think could make music scene in Philly better?

QTQ:  Studying the business, it no hate or nothing. I think the basic fundamentals of the music business will show them how it done. SKE Records will show them though, with the industry being so "DIY" Do It Yourself now, many artist don't really know what that means. That why Q The Question Promotions is here. Once our local seen understand the business, many careers will take off.

MR100:  Name your top 5 artists of all time dead or alive.

QTQ:  Wow tough one. How about this I'll do top 5 in hip-hop and 5 in music overall. As far as hip-hop Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, Ghostface and T.I. Music overall, ah lol. I have my 5 but in no specific order but all these make my top 10 I'll give you that instead lol, no specific order. But it goes Nas, Jay Z, Beyonce, Eminem, Janis Joplin, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Whitney Houston and Carrie Underwood.

Frank was just so smooth and I love his album "Point of No Return" and the song "When the World was Young" I love it. Janis Joplin was just a true rockstar, Whitney had a unique voice, Nas's lyrical gift, R. Kelly's song writing, I can go on and on.  I actually saw Beyonce in concert this year and I went to see Carrie Underwood to, she is a beast. That Story Teller album was flames and I love the song "Clock Don't Stop" that my shit and she murdered that song and one of my favorite songs from her is "Twisted". Beyonce is just a machine on stage, best performer I've ever seen. Jay Z is just gifted and a true MC, Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer ever.

MR100:  In the next 5 years where do see yourself and SKE Records?

QTQ:  Aw man SKE Records is a empire. We going to do it all, rap stars, pop stars, country stars, Latin Stars, everything. I'm ready to discover stars. Trel Mack getting bigger and more. Shawn Archer moving,  When it all said is done, I want will go down as one of the best moguls in history. Just like how you had Berry Gordy, Clive Davis, Diddy, La Reid, Birdman and now you got Q The Question. Music is my life.

MR100:  Will there be like a SKE Records tour for your artists?

QTQ:  Yes going into 2017 it going to be a crazy year we are now clients of Nice and Loud look them up, and they been doing a great job for us. Shout out Miss J Nyce as well for the support.

MR100:  Why do you think some up and coming artists don't understand the importance of having a budget for promotion?

QTQ:  Well for one they are so focused on the creative side and fail to learn the business that why it important to have business managers and more. Once they get that part, the business to break these artist gets easier.

MR100: Thanks Q The Question, let the people know where to find you on social media networks