Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kir Interview

MR100: What's good Kir? I see you from Philly, same city as me. Philly has a ton of talented rappers, what separates you from the other rappers?

KIR: I feel as though I separate myself from others rappers in many categories including my delivery and my flow. I can give people my life on a track and they can relate to it because unfortunately many of my fans have been through what I've been through. For the people that haven't been through the trials and tribulations I have, I speak to them and give them a sense of what goes on in a lifestyle like  mine. The loss of close friends and family, life in the streets and everything that's comes with it.
MR100: So what's your story, what made you want to become a rapper?

KIR: I grew up in uptown Philadelphia. I grew up in the streets not because I had to but because I wanted to being as though all my cousins did. All my life I had a strong passion in everything I was doing and I didn't always make music. I was in college playing basketball when I was 18 but somehow I started managing another artist, that made me find my love for music. I been doing my thing since then. There used to be times when I had to find something productive to do everyday, now I'm so busy that I need to keep a reminder of what my next move is. It's a blessing.

MR100: Do you have any other talents besides rapping?

KIR: Yea I have other talents. One of my favorite is to play basketball. l actually still love basketball but I'm so focused on my music career I barely get time to play. If I could rewind time to when I was younger I probably would still make music though. Music gives me a way to express myself more than anything I've done. I think talent and passion meet at a thin line. You can be talented at something but want to achieve another goal and choose your passion over your talent.

 MR100: So what's your next move now after releasing your video for "Juice"?

KIR: After dropping the "juice" Video I just dropped a new single called "broke Again" and it's also featured in respect mag  and a lot of Heavy traffic blogs. My new song is basically a reflection on my life and about how I'm never going broke again. I plan to drop an EP but I want this new song to transition through people's ears and touch  people everywhere before I put another project out.
MR100: Are you looking to get signed by a major record label or just remain unsigned?

KIR: As far as a label goes I've met with a couple and I feel as though if they don't have the same vision or focus as me I don't want to force the situation. With every label and a&r I've met with I have told them what my plan was and I believe if I didn't have one I could've signed my life away. However if there comes a time that a label had the same expectation as I do in my career and progression I would definitely sign. Most people think signing to a label is a bad thing, but it depends because sometimes a label can put you in a good position.
 MR100: Who are your musically influences?

KIR: I have many artist that I listen to but I wouldn't call them influences. I can just relate to the music they make. My influences aren't really in the music business    But i listen to artist such as yo gotti, Hov, T.I. Tory lanez and etc. I look at music as a stepping stone to where I plan on taking my career not just as a musician but as a businessman. There are definitely some great artist out there with a vision and focus similar to mine. Like Hov for example really doesn't even have to make music anymore. He has his hands in so many other organizations and things like that. Thats basically how I want my long term career to pan out in the long run.
 MR100: Name your top 5 Philly rappers?

KIR: I really don't have a top 5. Reason being there's so many talent artist in Philadelphia that don't get shine,It's crazy. I like plenty of rappers in philly but I don't think they get enough recognition and it's too hard to choose. I could sit and name my top 5 but I wouldn't feel right not naming the others. I don't want to discredit and others by not mentioning them. But that makes me want to have more influence and power musically so I can help put talented artists in the spotlight and give them a chance to shine. Especially if their grind can match.
MR100: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as far as your music career?

KIR: In the next 5 years I see myself exactly where I'm plan on being right now. However I also think I will have another goal in place business wise. As I said before this music is my passion but I am using it as a stepping stone to progress and become a entrepreneur, business man or whatever people want to call it. I have a 5 year plan ,3 year plan all the way down to a 5 month plan. I think if you don't have a long term and short term plan you lose focus on what goals your trying to achieve.

MR100: Which do you like more, to perform or record?

KIR: My passion  to record and perform are about the same. I've been through so much in my life that just hearing one of my songs can take me back to the moment I'm rapping about. So whether I'm performing a song just laying it or even listening to it, I have the same feeling. Performing a song gives me a chance to move around be active so it is a little different. What I can say though is that no matter what when I hear something from anyone that's telling about pain or struggles they've been through I get chills because I've been through it.