Sunday, November 27, 2016

J Maddix Interview

MR100: Where did you get your stage name from?

JM: J Maddix.. hmm so J is from my last name Jones, since I'm in the Military they all call me Sergeant J so I kept that and then Maddix came to me Randomly and since it was easily rhymable I stuck with it and been J maddix ever since

MR100: What city do you represent? Where were you born and raised?

JM: I represent Belleville NJ, I was born in Newark NJ but raised in Belleville

MR100: So what made you want to be a rapper?

JM:  Ive always was considered to be the best of the best within my listeners and peers starting from back in the day where u had to write Valentines day poems in 3rd grade and i always kept my craft going because it was my natural given talent and then after so many years my time came and I knew it so here I am now

MR100: Being in the Army full-time and being a rapper, that got to be hard to do, how do you manage to do both?

JM: Its very hard but when you are so real and passionate about something you learn to sacrifice and to give up sleep for your dream

MR100: Who are your musical influences?

JM: 2 Pac, 2 Chainz, 50 cent, Trey Songz, Anthony Hamilton

MR100: Which do you like to do more, record or perform?

JM:  Performing is my favorite, i love to capture new ears! proving myself over and over time after time is something I Enjoy

MR100:  How would you explain your style?

JM: very DOPE! haha nah,, I would say very versatile and entertaining, I have a lot of clever metaphors

MR100: When will you be releasing a mixtape or album?

JM:  Feb-March 2017 titled "No Fail Mission"

MR100:  Name 5 artists dead or alive you would love to a song with.

JM:  2 Pac, 2 Chainz, Drake, Yo Gotti, Anthony Hamilton

MR100: Thanks J-Maddix for allowing me to interview you, let the people know where to find you on social media.

JM:  Thanks bro, follow me on Ig @J_maddix or Facebook J Maddix for all updates and latest music