Tuesday, November 8, 2016

King Kye - "Focus" [NEW SINGLE]

King Kye, an independent artist from Newark, DE, is freshest on the music scene. However, after delivering his first, and highly invigorating single to the iTunes platform, it seems as if he is anything but unfamiliar to the hip hop genre. With his 3rd mixtape project, "A lot Of Nothing", expected to drop any day now, Kye spontaneously decided to grant his oh so eager fans access to a never before heard single, "Focus". Full of energy and harmony, Focus is a mixture of vocals and hardcore reality word play that any real listener would willingly play back to back. When asked why Focus would be the title of choice, King Kye showed of his deeper meaning aspect of things. "I chose Focus simply because that is what this is all about; this is what it takes; Focus. In the song I spoke of dreams, real dreams that I have for, time to time. Sometimes, they're strong enough to wake me out of my sleep. In them, I see faces that I would later make out to be demons, or some ugly figure who doesn't seem to like me very much haha. I believe that they are AND play an important role in my music making process. Everyone has their own demons, so I figured they were just distractions; There to ultimately block me from doing what I love and was destined to do. Everyday, new challenges await, and I face them along with my demons head on. Normally when your on the right path the devil will give you hell, which ironically let's me know I'm doing the right thing. Furthermore I ask myself, if I wasn't moving towards success, why is the devil trying to stop me ? It's really quite simple. To be who and what you want to be in life, you have to ignore all the distractions and realize that it's always dark next to the light, that's how you know your near it. Focus."