Sunday, January 22, 2017

How Does Music Affect You Emotionally?

Have you ever heard the saying "Music is Life"? Well it truly is. There is a song that speaks to every aspect of life and things that you may be experiencing. Music can and will get you through it. Music has always been a refuge for people to get through and over things. Whether you're happy or sad there is a song that pertains to that aspect of life. Feeling happy, there's a song to keep you uplifted and on cloud nine, "Happy" by Pharrell. Feeling sad or missing someone, you can listen to "Someone Like You", by Adele. Going through a break up, there's "Sorry", by Beyoncé. You can blast it and feel better as you scream " I ain't thinking bout you"! Need to get amped for a party and listen to some trap music, "I Got the Keys" by Dj Khaled, Future and Jay Z will definitely get you in the mood. In love, "Earned It" by The Weeknd will keep that feeling alive. There is a song for every mood and feeling. You don't even have to think of the words to say how you feel in that moment, you can always find a song to do it for you. "Music is life", and music will get you through life. So turn on some music and let music be apart of your life. You'll be surprised what music can get you through.

Written By: Shellih El
Twitter @missshellih