Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Evolution of Listening to Music

The Evolution of music and how it's played.

It's  a new year and the way the world is listening to music has changed. Music used to be played on record players and cassette tapes. As time and music evolved then came compact discs. Also the introduction to listening to music in a MP3 format created the explosion of many MP3 players, you were now able to have as much as 500 to 1,000 songs all on a tiny hand held device which was more convenient than carrying around a bunch of CDs. As time and music continued to moved forward and cell phones became "smart phones", many began to stream music on their smart phones. Fast forward to 2017, many artist are now making their music exclusively available only on platforms such as, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. These allow music lovers to make a library of their favorite music and albums, and listen to the music they like. Many artist like Jay Z, and BeyoncĂ© have made their albums exclusively available only on Tidal. Needless to say if you're a fan and you don't subscribe to Tidal, you may not be able to hear the albums of many of the artist that you love.
So next time you're ready to listen to music, you no longer have to fumble through your cd's, you can just grab your phone and stream the music that you love. Times are changing and how we all listen to music has evolved and it's definitely changing for the better. Which musical platform do you use to stream your music on? 

Written By: Shellih El
Twitter @missshellih