Thursday, February 2, 2017

Checkout My Interview with Vhee Riv

MR100: I see you reppin Hawaii, that got to be an interesting place to come from, what is the music scene like there?

VR: Yeah it was great growing up in a place known as paradise. The music scene for Hip Hop in Hawaii isn't really booming like reggae is but its growing.
MR100: Your album is titled "Zero Defects" what made you choose that title?

VR: I named the album "Zero Defects" because thats my motto its what i live by. I try to do things with as little defects as possible and to the best of my ability. I took the time to perfect each song from the sound of the master all the way down to the lyrics.
MR100:  It's good to know you haven't boxed yourself into just being a rapper, I read you also have your own clothing line, did you always have a passion for fashion?

VR: Yeah, its all about broadening my horizon. Yes, since elementary school I had my own style, matching everything from head to toe. I remember in high school I got picked "Best Dressed" for a contest. If it didn't match I wasn't rocking it lol
MR100: I see you have put out six videos from songs off the album, nowadays it's very important for artists to provide visuals do you agree and why?

VR: Yes I agree. I feel like videos complete the song, it brings the whole thing to life. For me sometimes watching the video makes me like a song even more. 

MR100:  On your single "Hold Up, Watch Out" ft Mike Jones, were you always a fan of his?

VR: Hell yeah! I remember growing up watching MTV and seeing his "Back Then" music video in rotation, I would always bump it so it was a great experience working with someone I grew up listening too. Working with him on the "Hold Up, Watch Out" project was dope. Hopefully well get a chance to perform the song together one day.
MR100: Who are your biggest supporters with your career?

VR: My Mom, Manager/Advisor & Girlfriend
MR100: Name your top 3 rappers of all-time.

VR: 2pac, Tyga, Russ
MR100:  Will we see a concert tour for your new album you promoting?

VR: Yeah, being discussed now more to come. Stay tuned!
MR100:  How would you explain your style of music?

VR: A mixture of hip hop & pop.

MR100: Within the next 5 years where do you see yourself as an artist?

VR: In the next 5 years I really see myself going above and beyond touring worldwide, working with more of my favorite artists, opening a store for my clothing line and I don't know maybe even winning a few Grammys!
MR100: Thanks Vhee Riv for taking the time do a interview with me, I'm looking forward to much success for your career. Shout out your social media.

VR: No, thank you! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, & subscribe on Youtube @Vheeriv
Much love!