Saturday, February 25, 2017

J-Dice Interview

MR100: What's good J-Dice? 

JD: Whats good!

MR100: I see you are a business man as well as an rapper, what made you want to start your own record label?

JD: I've been sitting back watching my
Mentor EM3 make everything look so easy, I actually believe I can do the same thing.
I've always wanted to put other people on as well as make my own mark in this Game.
I'm just a student right now; but God willing; Yuk Records will soon be a household name in the industry.

MR100: How would you explain your rap style?

JD: Basically it was years in the process! I always knew I wanted to have my own imprint. It was just about my grind and timing! My rap style is unique and original. One of a kind! 

MR100: Who are your biggest musically influences?

JD: My biggest influences are Jeezy, Slim Dunkin, Bankroll Fresh and Doe B!! Because they all did it their way!!

MR100: Name your 3 artists dead or alive, you would love to collab with on a song.

JD: My three artists are Jeezy, Bankroll Fresh and Slim Dunkin

MR100: What is your opinion about how the music industry is selling music now as far as the streaming?

JD: It’s good for the consumer but bad for the artist! Because Downloads are bigger yet easier than Album/Mixtape Sales

MR100: Do you have any other talents besides rapping?

JD: My other talents? I can produce.

MR100: Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 5 years?

 JD: In the next 5 years i see myself as self-known, and able to put other artists in a position to live out their dreams.

MR100: Which do you enjoy more, recording or performing?

JD: This is a Tough One!!! I love Both!!! But I’m going to pick Recording!!! I be in another World when I’m in the booth

MR100: When will you be releasing your mixtape?

JD: Dizneyland is out RIGHT NOW on and mymixtapez and all the other mixtape outlets. Welcome to McDizzleland Coming soon and Part 2 is in the oven

MR100: Whats your plans after you release your music?

JD: My Plans after I release music is to continue to promote, record and network. And just keep building and believing in myself while I’m at it.

MR100: Thanks J-Dice for the interview, Shout Out your social media handles.

JD: Follow me On IG at mcdizzleland and check out what I got cooked up on my Soundcloud @ The Real J-Dice
And thank you guys for giving me a platform to introduce myself.