Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jus Lyon Interview

MR100: What's good Jus Lyon? Where did you get your stage name from?

JL: Well my real name is Justin Lyon so I just decided to cut my first name short and go with that plus my label Smart Mouth Records encouraged me to do so and with the show Empire and them using the Lyon dynasty I figure since Lyon is my official last name let me try it and its been really working

MR100: I see you reppin Durham, North Carolina, are you a big fan of J. Cole?

JL: I'm Not a big big J. Cole fan but I am a fan of some of his music he does have some dope skills and does put his point across always but I like J. Cole he makes good music you can relate to.

MR100: On your single "My Click" I hear a lot of energy on that song, do you always have that much energy on all your songs?

JL: Most of the time yes especially when I'm performing because I wanna keep the crowd on edge now as for My Click that was intentionally suppose to be a high energy song because I'm referring to my squad my team my label my click who has been by my side since day one so you can say i kinda always have that energy level

MR100: Which do you prefer more, recording or performing?

JL: That's hard to choose from because I love recording which means I can always try my new material when I perform but I am a big fan of performing because it lets people see my true side and how I'm so energetic and its like when I have the mic in my hand on stage I'm a total different person so I'm going to decide with performing because I can do a lot with that 

MR100: What other talents do you have besides rapping?

JL: I'm not only a rapper I'm a artist as well I like to draw and do digital art I create most of my single and mixtape covers I have a wide selection if art I have drawn my main thing I like to draw is tattoos for some reason the detail and shape and size of tattoo drawing gives me chills but you could say I'm multi talented

MR100: Name 3 rappers dead or alive you would love to do songs with.

JL: Eminem, Biggie Smalls, Slick Rick, and I had to throw in one more Yelawolf

MR100: With the release of your project "Lyrical Intentions", which songs are your best ones you liked recording?

JL: I would have to say My Click, Got It, Let Me Ride, Wild, and Visions because they all have some energy or tell a story behind it

MR100: Do you want to get signed by a major label or do you prefer to stay indie?

JL: Which ever one comes first so if I get signed by a major label I will try and get my team on right behind me but if i stay indie the grind is just gonna go harder so either way it don't matter I will make good music and keep the people going

MR100: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as an artist?

JL: As a artist I see my self making major moves looking out for me my family and my team and giving back to the less fortunate but I will mainly be making dope music for people to listen and relate to

MR100: Name the first thing that comes to mind when Hip Hop is mentioned.

JL: All the different styles of hip hop the different sounds different images different stories and point of views etc. That's what I think of when I hear hip hop

MR100: Thank you Jus Lyon for allowing me to interview you, Shout Out your social media.

Shoutout to GOD my mother and father Donald and Amy Lyon my brothers Chris and Charles Lyon and there wives and my nieces n nephews my bro for life Dorian Newman aka Cannon Fonzereli my labelmate Brandon Powell aka KemoSabe my manager Lawrence Miller II my CEO and his Wife Jody and Tenisha Brown the whole Smart Mouth Records Team and Black Star Bullies Squad and all my FANS also Shoutout to all the haters because yall motive me to go harder every day