Sunday, February 12, 2017

One Hit Wonders

Have you ever been listening to a song, and think to yourself, what happened? The artist had that one hit song, but could never come out with anything as great as that one hit. The thing about one hit wonders is no matter if you listened to it ten years ago, or today it's still catchy and grabs your attention. You still know all the words and the song can definitely get everyone on the dance floor to get the party started. That's the beauty in a song being a hit. People of all ages can sing and dance along. And you will often hear, that's my song. Some popular rap one hit wonders are Rob Base & Dj EZ Rock, "It Takes Two", Biz Markie "Just A Friend" came out in 1990,  Cool C, "Glamorous Life" 1989, and Major Figgas,  "Yeah That's Us" in 2000. Some R&B one hit wonders, Groove Theory, 'Tell Me' came out in 1995, Zhane, "Hey Mr DJ", 1993, and Shai, "If I Ever Fall in Love", came out in 1992. These songs bring back memories and they continue to be considered good songs that if heard, will make you sing and dance along whether in your car, in the shower, or at a party. One hit wonders tend to have that affect. Although, these artist haven't come out with songs that could top their one hit wonder, their songs will continue to be remembered as a song we all loved. What are some of your favorite one hit wonders? 

Written by: Shellih El
Twitter: @missshellih