Sunday, March 12, 2017

Amore King - Valentine's Day Jordan [ALBUM REVIEW]

Artist: Amore King

Album: Valentine's Day Jordan

Label: Unsigned

Best Songs: "Questions", "Made in Heaven", "Do It Again"

Rating: 5
(Rating System 1-10)

Amore King released his new album "Valentine's Day Jordan" with a very mainstream sound to it. Amore raps and sings and is definitely talented. The standout song on the album is "Do It Again", it's very radio and club friendly. The hook is very catchy along with the beat. Amore has a sound similar to a mixture of Kanye/Drake/Big Sean. He does a good job of creating that commercial sound. I'm feeling how the album started off with the song "Questions", the production is dope and perfect for his flow. Amore raps questions to a female he is interested in, it's a very creative song. The third best song is "Made in Heaven" about him and a female being perfectly matched sexually, the song is rather entertaining. Overall, I was feeling only 3 songs out of 8. I think his style did not match the production on a lot of the other songs. Amore King has talent for sure, I can hear the direction he's headed for. With top notch production this new talent will take off, make sure y'all go buy or stream his album. It's available on iTunes and other digital music platforms.