Sunday, May 21, 2017

Shake-A-Vel Interview

What's good Shake? 
SAV:  Whats good fam, out here working hard on music as always.

MR100: With so many talented rappers that came from Brooklyn, which Brooklyn rapper that became successful influenced you the most? 
SAV:  A few actually but BIG, RZA ,GZA, Ol Dirty, JAY Z, JAZ O, so those are just a few named as I'm a huge fan of this culture and I live it everyday.

MR100: Besides rapping do you have any other talents? 
 SAV: Yeah I cook pretty good lol and a lot of people don't realize I can get down in the kitchen.

MR100: I see you have your own record label, are looking to partner with a major distribution company or major record label? 
 SAV: Yeah I will do a distribution deal when the music is bigger than where I can take it to the labels have that power to make you a commercial success. My Drilann label is always ready to advance in business. It all about being patient and taking your time and not rushing into things. With streaming and so many things changing the business, you just have to make sure it makes sense.

MR100: Name 3 artists dead or alive you would love to do songs with.
 SAV: Drake, Nas and Migos. Those three artist I have on repeat heavy right now. I really love what the Migos are doing and Nas is just a legend.

MR100: What usually inspires you to make a song? 
SAV: Many times it is just a feeling that comes out of thin air. I can listen to some tracks too and just get in rap mode and go crazy to make the best music that I can.

MR100: Which do you like to do more, recording or performing? 
 SAV: Performing is the ultimate up close interaction with the fans going ham seeing them feel it in their soul. So making music is one thing but performing it is an art in itself.

MR100: I see you have your new project out called the "SCALE EP", which songs are your favorite on there and why? 
 SAV: SCALE is because its lyrical and action packed video crazy too and I'm glad for all the feedback the record has received, it definitely helped build my buzz and more.

MR100: Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 5 years? 
SAV: On top of the world as an artist and making a name for myself. I work hard and even with that being said, my music is dope to compete.

MR100: Thanks for Shake for allowing me to interview you! Shout Out your social media and links to buy your music. 
 SAV: You can buy the music on ITunes IG@
shakeavel  Thank you