Saturday, June 24, 2017


Friday June 16, 2017 the Tupac Shakur biopic finally came out, I woke up that morning scrolling my social media time lines seeing so many people bashing the movie. I wasn't going to let the people in cyber world stop me from forming my own opinion. I knew putting together a movie about the iconic Tupac would create issues because he had such a complex life and after he died a lot of his fans gave him the black Elvis treatment. The movie was directed by Benny Boom and produced by L.T. Hutton, David C. Robinson and James G. Robinson. Tupac was played by first time actor Demetrius Shipp. The movie starts off with Tupac getting interviewed by Hill Harper while in jail. I like how the movie gave us a peek into Tupac's childhood. It displayed his rough upbringing that shaped his pro black worldview. At such an early age Tupac was faced with so many adult challenges of being a black man. I was so pleased that they showed his family's Black Panther involvement. That's a important part of his life. Demetrius Shipp played Tupac so well, I had to keep telling myself that's not Tupac this is just a movie. The actor had his body mannerism down to a science. I know so many fans have said they left so much out of this movie which I agree but damn as a whole the movie is so good. All the actors did a fantastic job especially Demetrius Shipp and Danai Gurira who played Afeni Shakur. Tupac had such an complex life that if they tried to add everything, the movie would be 5 hours long. Overall, the movie is well worth seeing plus for me it felt good reminiscing. They did a good job of recapturing those certain moments in Tupac's life.