Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mr 100's Top 5 Hip-Hop Story-tale Songs

Artist: The Notorious B.I.G.

Song: "Niggas Bleed"

Album: Life After Death

Why wouldn't Biggie get the number 1 spot? His story-tale songs could have easily turned into movies. I know most will wonder why I didn't pick his fan favorite song "I Got A Story To Tell", honestly I just don't think the song I chose gets talked about enough. When you listen to "Niggas Bleed" you can vividly see his words painting a dark grimy movie scene. In my opinion it's one of his classic story-tales. 

Artist: Ghostface Killah

Song: "All That I Got Is You"

Album: Ironman

I think Ghostface is one of the most slept-on story telling rappers. This song gave you peep into a young Ghostface growing up in poverty. He perfectly worded each with bar with pain but still sounding humble at the same time.    

Artist: Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz)

Song: "Renee"

Album: Legal Drug Money

Even to this day when I hear "Renee" I listen like I'm hearing it for the first time, Mr Cheeks wrote a dope ghetto love story about his girlfriend who got killed. This will always be one of my favorites. The production was hot and perfect match for Mr. Cheek's story. 

Artist: Scarface

Song: "I Seen a Man Die"

Album: The Dairy

The legend Scarface never disappoints with his story telling songs. This song gives me the chills how creepy, dark and real it is. Scarface paints a picture of a man dying slowly, it almost feel like he's that reaper figure that is symbolic to when death is near. Still one of the dopest story telling songs in hip hop.

Artist: Nas

Song: "Black Girl Lost"

Album: It Was Written

The B-side song "Black Girl Lost" off Nas's sophomore album is one of the best love story telling songs. Nas lyrically lets out his frustrations for dealing with a gold digging female. He has Jodeci singing on the hook which is perfect. The description Nas gave of this female he's dealing with is one who you would never want to bring home to meet mother. Overall, when you listen to this dope song you still can learn some jewels off it. By the way, no way would I have left Nas The G.O.A.T. off this list.