Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Konstant33n Kaly - Interview x [NEWSINGLE] @IAMKonStanT33nK

MR100: What made you pick your stage name and what does it mean?
KK:  Well I formally went By The Name Kidd Dynamiite and I felt Like I accomplish what I set Out To Do so The Name Konstant33n Kaly Aka Ksk Came From Constantine The Great which The Name means In Latin constant And Steadfast, I just feel Like I needed a Name or Trade That Nobody Had ,that Set me Apart with My Music And The Tracks That I Put Out Matched Together Because Constantine Was different I wanted to be Different so That's Where The Name Comes From And That's The meaning behind me Naming Myself And reason Why

MR100: I noticed you do not only rap but you are involved with producing and video editing, was that always your plan to do multi things while also being a artist? 
KK:  Yes actually I wanna Go into Movies not Only Acting But As well As Shooting And editing . one Of The Things I love To Do Is to Produce Something That I Saw from The Beginning And Make A Picture Come Alive thats Actually One Of The Prime Reasons Why I Went into Producing Because I Loved Seeing A track Start from The Bottom and creating A Melody That Sparked The 1st Line In my 16 Or Sparked The Bridge or The Hook

MR100: Who are your biggest musical influences? 
KK:Well I truly do Have A Lot Of Influences but My biggest Are
DMX influenced Me the Most
jessie west
Craig Mack
Big L
Styles P
And Many More And order For Me To Get where I am At today I had to Become A Student Of Hip hip  

MR100: Your new dope single "Pilot Theme" is produced by you as well, is this your single off a mixtape or album? 
KK:  Its A Addition to a demo that I had Already Been Pushing For The Pass Couple Months In upstate New York I came To A Point In My life And Career Where I wanted To Push Something different so I deleted everything And Started Over but Still Kept My database Of What People Liked And What I was Making My Money Off Of ,you Know New Energy of things

MR100: Which do you like to do more, perform or record? 
KK:  I Love To Perform because To record Is One Thing ,you can Record All day But to Go On a Stage And Tell A Crowd put Your Hands Up And Hear A Crowd Roar and Hear A Dj Say You Ready And He Que You In And That Beat Drop and You hear A crowd of People Weather It be Kids Old adults Or People My Age It Is a Amazing Feeling That's what I Live for I actually Create My songs Around Performing by The way I have Been Performing since I was 14 years old that's a fun fact

MR100: Are you looking to get signed by a major record label or remain indie? 
KK:  Imma Stay Indie for Now Because I have nothing To Offer To A Label and If I sign Now I'm Prolly Gonna be In debt by Time everything Is Done but when I have Something to Offer we Cross That Line When Its Happens Because I have A Fanbase I have Proven Facts That I have A Fanbase I Just wanna Work On My Online Fanbase And Have A Solid one and Work Towards Selling Out A Second Show period and make as much money online as well as what I make In CDs That's really My Focuses Are And To Focus On What I'm Putting And Making Sure I am Giving The Same Energy I started With

MR100: Name 3 artists dead or alive you would love to make songs with. 
KK:  Jay z, 2PaC, Chris Brown
MR100: What's your opinion on how the music industry has changed as far as the fans receive music now with streaming being so major?
KK:  Its Def A Big Plus Because of Email Notications and Social Media where You can Connect directly to Fans now more Faster Better Then Ever and you can Follow Up To A Database With Numbers That are not Fixed Or Assumed By so To Answer Your Question Its A Real Plus

MR100: Where do you see yourself as an artist 5 years from now? 
KK:  I See Myslef In a Different Place Thinking How Can I Get to A Better Place In My Career making more Money do Bigger Shows for sure..

MR100: Thanks Konstant33n Kaly for allowing me to interview you, I'm looking forward to seeing much success for you. Shout Out your supporters and your social media sites

KK: Thank you for the opportunity I just wanna shoutout all the people supporting me and def follow me on Twitter @ Iamkonstant33nkaly
And look out for Pilot theme to drop on ITunes and Spotify for sure...