Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rotimi - "Jeep Music" [ALBUM REVIEW] By @missshellih

We all know him as "Dre" from Power, but who knew that "Dre" whose real name is Rotimi is out here making music and it sounds good. Rotimi's latest album, called "Jeep Music" Volume 1, is a mix of R&B with a little reggae feel. Rotimi's first song off the album is "Want More", which makes you want to sing along as well as wind your body to it. On this album Rotimi has several featured artist, like 50 Cent and TI on a track called "Nobody" that will have you thinking about who you're giving it up to. Another track called "Baecation" will have you wanting to spend time with your boo. Overall Rotimi's "Jeep Music Volume 1, is definitely something that you can groove to on the regular basis if you like R&B music and something both you and your significant other can enjoy together. So, if you're ready to hear a good mix of R&B, go out and pick up Rotimi's latest album. Who knew "Dre" was so talented??? Let us know what you think.. Peace and love!

Written by: Shellih El
Twitter: @missshellih